Inexpensive Storage Ideas To Make The Most Of A Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Hurricanes 8 hours ago
I don't know about you but I think the storage in the cabinet under the kitchen sink is a dysfunctional and frustrating space to organize. The cabinet is a fairly large area with lots of storage potential. But the necessary plumbing needed for the kitchen sink and the dishwasher take up a lot of the cabinet. To further add to the issue the plumbing pipes don't nicely tuck away in the back. Instead the elbow joints and different pipes jut out and make the space awkward and uneven.
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To add to my frustration I have a pretty small kitchen sink cabinet. As you can see I don't have a lot to work with. So what I decided to do was get creative and look for inexpensive storage containers to make the most of the space that I do have.
I bought two sets of plastic 2-drawer units. I labeled each drawer. I also found it helpful to take items out of the packaging they came in when they were purchased. For example the dishwasher tablets are now stored in one of the drawers. I love how convenient they are to access.
Another thing I did was take the scouring pads out of the packaging. They are not always needed but they are handy to have nearby. But scouring pads can be messy when they are dry and when they are wet. So I stored the dry ones in pairs in plastic sandwich bags to avoid getting the powder they can leave from getting all over the drawer. I also placed a small plastic storage container at the front to hold the wet ones after they have been used.
Next to the drawer units is just enough space for a tall plastic container to hold all of the cleaning tools that are handy to have near the sink.
On top of the drawer units I placed a plastic rectangular tray style basket. Actually if you look carefully I stacked two on top of each other to make the storage tray more sturdy. This is where I store the cleaners.
This how I am able to make the most use of the storage space that I have under the sink. For those of you who have a much larger kitchen sink cabinet I am bit jealous of the storage potential that you have using these inexpensive ideas.
All of the storage containers were inexpensively bought at Walmart and the dollar store. It was also a quick job to organize everything.
You cannot see it in the photograph but I also store the extra bottles of dish detergent and the dishwasher tablets hidden in the back. Every space in the cabinet is used to its potential without interfering with the necessary plumbing.
For more details and photographs I invite you to visit the blog!

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  • Brittany Merth
    Brittany Merth Rockville, MD
    I hate putting things in the sink just always seems so dank and smelly from cleaning supplies! This is a great solution to keep things organized and protected.
    • Time With Thea
      Brittany Merth Thanks Brittany. I have to admit the favourite part for me is that I don't have to bend down so low to get most of the products like the dish soap and the dishwasher tablets. It is a very 'user-friendly' system!
  • NathanDavidson
    NathanDavidson Australia
    When it comes to maximizing storage space, I am a true ardent fan at this whole process. I have utilized every inch of the space underneath the sink with racks, both portable ones and those that need installation which I have drilled into the cabinet
    • Time With Thea
      NathanDavidson We are very much on the same page! I find cabinets under a sink can be such a wasted space. They are designed for plumbing but not for storage. Thank you for sharing your insights!
  • Dobi
    Dobi Warrensburg, MO
    does anyone have any ideas for under cabinet storage for different sizes of baking dishes? I have heard of using tension rods, but my cabinet is very narrow and very deep. so that wouldn't work. right now it is a mess! thanks!
  • Jodi Epperly Stewart
    Don't miss out on all the space on the "walls"! I use Command Hooks (or even non-removable adhesive ones that are supper cheap at Walmart) to hang all sorts of things...the veggie scrubber, bottle brushes, even a small dish rack from Ikea. It is easier
  • Kristine Snell Hendrickson
    I bought the drawers that are made to go under the sink from Ikea for our holiday home and I wish I had them in our regular house. Thanks for the ideas. Our water meter is at the back of the cupboard and I have to take everything out when the meter
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