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New Life For An Old Cedar Fence

I absolutely despised the cheap looking shutters on my little mobile home. Lucky for me, I had picked up some old cedar fence panels at a yard sale that were the perfect size to make some new shutters.
The brown, cheap looking shutters were pretty ugly. They had to go.
I had previously picked up some cedar fence panels at a yard sale that has been wonderful for a few of my projects. And I still have some left to play with!
After breaking the panels down and de-nailing them, I cut them to size. I then cut them vertically right down the center.
I had a little inspiration from a neighbor while walking my dog. They had some pretty neat looking wooden shutters with little hearts cut out. I decided to cut out some primitive stars on mine.
I did my best to draw out some primitive stars and cut them out with a jigsaw. They aren't perfect but perfection is well... just boring. I then cut some scrap pieces down to size to nail the two sides together.
Now they're all ready to go up on the house! I love the tones of the old wood!
I promptly took down the old shutters and put up the new ones.
So much better!

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