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Decluttering Your Home

I wanted to share with you some Tips For De-cluttering Your Home. Several years ago I started a daily routine of "removing" something from my house every single day! Some of you may think that is extreme however if you never remove items from your home then eventually you would end up with too much clutter. They say for every item that comes into your home one should leave if you are keeping things organized so it is a motto I live by. If you are not organized then often times you end up buying a duplicate item because you are unable to locate the item when you need it.
Four years ago I started throwing away or placing at least 1 item in a consignment/donation/yard sale box EVERY SINGLE DAY! By doing this it allows me to keep our house organized and clutter free. I have a monthly scheduled pick up with the Vietnam Veterans or the Lupus Foundation which is great because it "forces" me to be sure that I have items for them monthly. Not only is this great because it keeps our home clutter free it is also a tax deduction at year end!
I also keep a consignment box in our guest bedroom closet. As my son grows out of his clothing or a toy I immediately launder it and then place it into the box. As soon as my consignment store changes seasons I am ready to take my items to be sold. They are already folded neatly and ready to earn us cash back.
This is a method that really works for us. I actually get a "high" out of purging 1-2 or more items daily! It allows us to live an organize life make money through consigning, make a tax deductible donation, help our Veterans and keep our home clutter free!

To see more: http://www.stockpilingmoms.com/2013/02/tips-for-de-cluttering-your-home/

Got a question about this project?

  • Diane Ruck
    Diane Ruck Columbus, OH

    Also purging the extra 'stuff.' My question is what is the best organization to donate to? I have read and heard rumors about such a small percentage of the profits going to the actual charities. Is it true that Goodwill keeps all profits? I used to

    • Dee
      Dee Canada

      @Diane Ruck I have found this really frustrating also . . . we all want to help in the most effective way possible. In my community I found the 'Opportunity Shop', which is a TRUE charitable organization that supports the YWCA. It is board-run, with

  • Marguerite Holdenried
    Marguerite Holdenried Saint Louis, MO

    I am really into de cluttering. I like the everyday system, thanks for this idea.

  • Sammokka
    Sammokka Hanover, PA

    Love to pitch; I keep a garbage bag in my room. I will try something on and it doesn't look good or doesn't fit; in the bag. When the bag is full; down it goes to the door; next to the passenger seat in my car; then into the donation box. This way it

  • Rene
    Rene Sacramento, CA

    Wonderful idea. I have been on a de cluttering mission also

  • Jhunt10
    Jhunt10 Jacksonville, FL

    Goodwill industries is privately owned, however they do hire people that have a hard time securing a job. The best charities for my area of town (Jacksonville,Fl) is The Humane Society, they help supply food & vet care for "No Kill". TNR

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