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DIY Faux Concrete Planters

You know when the thrift store deities deliver exactly what you need? Well that happened to me when I found these little plywood planters for $6 each a couple of weeks ago. I've wanted something to flank our front door and these fit the bill.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
  • diy faux concrete planters, crafts
However, recently - I've been lusting after concrete planters. I just don't have the budget to splurge. So I decided to make these little wooden guys LOOK like concrete!
  • diy faux concrete planters, crafts
First step was a dry brush coat with white, followed by grey with a cup of water, a damp rag and a smaller craft brush. Painting these little bricks was not fun, guys. Holy moly.
  • diy faux concrete planters, crafts
The next step is a bit messy, so use a drop cloth! I propped my planters upside down on my work bench and spritzed them with a bit of water. Then I sprinkled them with Plaster of Paris and 'smooshed' it onto the 'bricks' and into the cracks with my fingers. I tried to keep the mess to a minimum - but using your hands at this point will just be best. It's all washable! :)
Let the plaster dry overnight and then spray seal them. I put them outside yesterday and OF COURSE we had a rain storm! They held up perfectly! For more detailed instructions and close up photos, head on over to our blog :) Thanks for reading!
  • diy faux concrete planters, crafts

To see more: http://www.diypassion.com/2015/10/28/diy-faux-concrete-planters/

Got a question about this project?

  • Georgia Lyman
    Georgia Lyman Glens Falls, NY

    cool, but why didn't you paint the legs - black would look like wrought iron.

  • Carole
    Carole Australia

    I like them. They would also make awesome bedside lamps with a light bulb in them!

  • Sue Sanders
    Sue Sanders Broken Arrow, OK

    I have two similar planters and used them with artificial ferns to put on each side of space the preacher would stand in our outdoor patio wedding. Never thought of doing anything to the planters. I also wondered about the legs being wood and Georgia

  • Shah-naaz
    Shah-naaz South Africa

    I agree on painting the legs, it looks nice though.

  • Tracy Hudson
    Tracy Hudson Virginia Beach, VA

    wonderful idea

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