Basement Renovation - Need help!

We are going to start a basement renovation this summer, but if I'm going to do it I want it done RIGHT. So tell me... where do we begin because I am overwhelmed with the thought of it. Our basement is probably 1,500 sq ft and I already have a wish list... Office/Scrapbooking room, Playroom/Lounge Area, Dance/Exercise Room, Bathroom, etc. The bathroom is roughed-in, but other than that it's just concrete floors and walls. Should I get a Designer/Architect to make the most of the space I want to create and get the decor I want? If I do that is it going to cost an outrageous amount? Any and all advice is much appreciated!
  • Decor 8
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    Do you plan on doing the work yourself or will you hire a general contractor to coordinate the project? If you are going to hire a contractor, he/she could recommend some space planning ideas. Keep in mind if doing it yourself, you will most likely have
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    layout is first...which rooms where etc. After that comes the rough framing. Form there electrical (lighting, plugs, switches, home theater wiring) Wall coverings / ceiling go up next. flooring and doors and trim are typically last of the list.
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    That's a pretty good size space to tackle for a 1st time project. Space planning is really important early-on. If you're going to be your own G.C. then it would probably be beneficial to have someone help with the layout. If you decide to go the
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    There are several steps to achieve a safe, healthy andquality basement finishing project.

    Step one; forget this step and you will be tearing out allyour hard work in a few short years.

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    These are all wonderful recommendations and I really appreciate it! I am NOT planning on doing any of the work myself. This is definitely not my area of expertise. I would really really like to get a Designer to help us, but how would I go about finding
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    If you check their references, you should be ok. Most folks will be honest with the quality of the work they had done. Without refs you are shooting in the dark. The bulk of my business is referral
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    Watch a lot of "Holmes on Homes" reruns. He is the gear when it comes to basements.
  • Houseworks Unlimited, Inc.
    If you don't have any direct friends or family that have had something like this done, try your local professional remodeling association. NARI and NAHB have chapters by most all of the large cities. I'm partial to NARI only because of my involvement.
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