Fire Place Makeover With Mosaic Tiles #DIY #Tiling

This summer we finally saved up enough money to do some home improvements to our house. We started with one project and then all the sudden it snow balled to all of different projects. We ended up putting in a tile back splash in our kitchen and because of that, we felt like we needed to do a few other things to make our house look more fancy and that included redoing our fireplace.
Here is the fireplace before. Our house was built in 2010, back when brown was really really popular. I still like the color brown but I'm trying to get some gray into our house too. The fireplace looked nice, but I felt like the TV was more the focal point. Well the TV isn't a focal point anymore! Plus everyone in the neighborhood seems to have this tile on their fireplace and I couldn't handle it being the same, so I had to change it up!
We bought some mosaic tile (the same ones we used in our kitchen) and then started to put it up directly onto the tile. Check out what we used as an adhesive on my blog post, it's awesome and saves you a TON of time!
Because we used a mosaic tile, it really didn't take long at all. We started in the center and then worked our way out. We got in done in a couple hours and that included the grout too.
Here is what it looks like close up!! It's so pretty!
When we replaced our carpet for hardwood, we ended up taking out the old tiles (I attempted to paint them and they turned out fine but we decided that replacing them was the way to go. It's a nice light gray and it just makes the fire place look so much better! Now the fireplace is the focal point, not the TV! Make sure to check out my post for step by step instructions.

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