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Faux Leaded Glass Window

I've always had a fondness for leaded glass windows, but the expense was out of reach. That is until I found a product that let me turn my boring old glass windows into faux stain glass beauties. I simply applied the product directly onto the existing window. And self-adhesive "leading" strips made the process so much easier. The full tutorial can be found on my blog post ...

To see more: http://www.itallstartedwithpaint.com/faux-leaded-glass-window/

  • Nancy Kruse
    Nancy Kruse Grand Rapids, MI

    I really have to say that I'm disappointed that you got rid of the stained glass with the colors. That's why I clicked on the link. The new is boring & why did you not do the two outer windows?

    • Glendahendry

      The colored glass is also gallery glass. After laying out design with the leading strips, you just need to add colors of choice inside the strips. A coloring book of Art Deco design is one of many great templates.

  • Jan
    Jan Sanford, FL

    I love colored stain glass but I love this---classic---and looks great---glad someone mentioned not for exteriors---if I used it inside how would it look from outside the front door???

  • Dorothy6046

    have worked with gallery glass before - did my small kitchen window, and the windows on the kitchen door, but from the inside.

  • Rie Helm

    I love it! Colored stained glass isn't my thing (we all have different tastes) but I love vintage glass (beveled is awesome too) and the privacy factor! If I wasn't a renter, I'd do this now!

  • Helen Bouslaugh
    Helen Bouslaugh Woodland, CA

    The "real" colored stained glass is not real. It is mentioned she had done the same type of treatment a decade ago. She is tired of it as we all do or we would not be viewing this website. All of us like to update, try new things. I do like the

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