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DIY Shelves for a Small Bathroom #DIY #Buildit

We have this bathroom on our main level and it's tiny! It has a shower in it, which is really nice but when it comes to storage, there is absolutely none! When we first moved in it wasn't a big deal because it was more of a guest bathroom since all of our bedrooms were upstairs. But then when my son moved downstairs it became his bathroom and the guest bathroom. So we needed something to store things like toiletries, towels and things like that. Our solution was a super easy one, only cost about $25 and took an evening to do. Plus it looks great!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $25 Difficulty: Easy
Here is our bathroom before. We ended up changing the pedestal sink to a little vanity.
There is this little nook, this is how we stored stuff in there- the toilet paper and then the bucket had some shampoo and hair stuff in it. We decided to build some floating shelves here.
We got some of melamine wood and then cut it to the size of the nook. Using the left over pieces, we nailed those into the wall.
We did that all the way up and then nailed the boards onto the little pieces on the wall. Then we put on a front piece to give it a more finished look.
I painted the nail holes and did some touches up. And that's it!
I put some baskets and towels on there. Now we actually have storage in our bathroom and it's so nice!! Plus it looks better too! For step by step instructions, make sure to check out my blog post.

To see more: http://www.keepingitsimplecrafts.com/2015/08/storage-solution-for-small-bathrooms.html

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