Inexpensive options for beautiful Countertops!

Kitchens 05.15.16
It doesn't always need to be expensive!

I wanted to give a few examples of inexpensive options for beautiful countertops.

Here are three that we have done recently.

The first is a reclaimed top that was on its way to the dump. We refinished it and added it to an antique dresser base to make an island in our kitchen.

The second option is high gloss Laminate... by using a squared off edge instead of the rounded edge we were able to get an appearance more like granite. The example I am showing is also from our kitchen.

Option three is porcelain floor tile.

I recently redid my parents kitchen and used 12"x24" floor tiles for countertop. The surface must be prepped properly and be level. It turned out beautifully. Using large tiles minimizes grout lines. I used a grout very close to the tile colour. We only needed 16 tiles for

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  • Marj
    Marj Sun City, AZ
    For the counters, here is a before and after shot. I also painted the cabinets and put on updated hardware.
  • Marj
    Marj Sun City, AZ
    Here is one section of the cabinet and new hardware
    • Jemommy
      Jemommy Winsted, CT
      Marj Love the combo of the hardware, black & white.
  • Marj
    Marj Sun City, AZ
    Katherine, they have held up well for me. I do not cook a lot, being retired, and make sure to use a cutting board. My Godson cut his bagel on the counter and it did scratch; however, it didn't remove the color and just adds character. I am pleased with
    • Katherine Couvillon
      Katherine Couvillon Charlottesville, VA
      Marj Sounds like a great option and a way to save a lot of money and still get a kitchen you love. Thanks for sharing your process and success!
  • Diann Christian- Hovey
    I have light colored formica Countertops, anything I can do to make them look pretty and different without to much expense and EASY? I know I will be doing it myself and although I'm pretty creative, I have never tackled anything like this before...any
  • Bev Deardurff
    Bev Deardurff Belle Center, OH
    I have a laminate counter top. It was lose when we moved in and one area is separated from the rest. It fits in it's space, but I don't know it's history. I would like to fix it, but don't know any inexpensive and one person job. My husband won't help me
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