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Repurposed Ceiling Medallion Wreath

One sure way to save money during the holidays is to not go overboard on buying expensive holiday decor every season. Chances are you already have something in the garage or closet that can be repurposed into something beautiful. This year I decided to hold off buying yet another Christmas wreath and use what I have on hand to create one!
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
For about a year I have had this old ceiling medallion just sitting around in the garage. I purchased it at my local Restore for a few bucks and planned on repainting it because the finish wasn't my style.
As I was brainstorming and going thru my supplies I realized that the filigree design on the ceiling medallion looks like leaves and would make an awesome wreath.
So I painted it with some green chalk paint.
I used DecoArt chalky finish paint in Enchanted.
I really love how rich this green color is. It took me a while to get the paint in all those grooves within the filigree design but the process went pretty fast once I got going with my sponge brush.
Once the paint dried I tied a plaid ribbon around it and hug it up on my door with command strips.
I love that how this turned out and was glad I was able to put the ceiling medallion to use too! ....and because it is a plastic/Styrofoam type of material you could use outdoor paint and hang this up outside. Hop on over to my blog to see more!

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    • They are available at Lowes and Home Depot. Usually in the lighting section.
    • They are available at Home Depot and Lowes. Usually in the lighting department.
    • Angela M Raeuchle-Yes, HD or Lowes. You can also scoop them up at thrift stores and the Habitat Restore locations as well.
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  • Is that a plaster medallion or plastic?
    • @Rose grage In my blog post I described it as Styrofoam/plastic.
    • Since the medallion is flat and lightweight, it would be perfect to hang on my wooden front door which has a glass door outside of that. Most wreaths get crushed. I would definitely use a drybrush technique on the leaves in white, silver or gold to highlight and add the depth a full wreath has. Different ribbons would adapt this wreath for different seasons. Best wishes!
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  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Dec 3, 2015

    This is such amazing idea!! Oh how I would love to get my hands on a medallion like this to do the same!

  • Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos
    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos Kansas City, MO
    on Dec 3, 2015

    Thank you! It was super easy and I thought it turned out better than what I had expected.

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Dec 3, 2015

    Bravo! Gorgeous idea!

  • Anna
    Anna Tygh Valley, OR
    on Dec 3, 2015

    I like it, but would have dry brushed silver, gold or white on it to highlight the detail.

  • Michelle Masters
    Michelle Masters Tomball, TX
    on Dec 3, 2015

    Love it...wtg

  • Fiona Janine
    Fiona Janine Pittsburgh, PA
    on Dec 3, 2015

    So cute!

  • Dana Corby
    Dana Corby Anderson Island, WA
    on Dec 3, 2015

    Trivia geek here. That 'filigree' actually *is* leaves -- acanthus leaves, copied after the tops of classical Greek & Roman columns and used in many architectural embellishments during the Classical Revival period of the 18th & 19th Centuries. And just so you know what you have there, had you bought that ceiling medallion new it would have cost you upwards of $75. They don't make them out of that structural foam any more, though -- these days they're light weight vaccu-formed plastic.

  • Laura Page
    Laura Page Columbia, MO
    on Dec 3, 2015

    That is AWESOME!

  • Christine Roman
    Christine Roman
    on Dec 3, 2015

    This is my kind of project, simple yet eye catching... Love it!

  • Andrea D'Avignon
    Andrea D'Avignon San Antonio, TX
    on Dec 3, 2015

    Awesome, love it and it looks lively

  • Katrina Warren
    Katrina Warren Levelland, TX
    on Dec 3, 2015

    @Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos What a great re-purpose, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • The Elegant Home
    The Elegant Home Eugene, OR
    on Dec 4, 2015

    Love it!

  • Melinda Sue
    Melinda Sue Dayton, OH
    on Dec 4, 2015

    I love this!! Very simple and looks rustic to match my decor..thanks for sharing

  • Charlotte Fairchild
    Charlotte Fairchild
    on Oct 1, 2016

    This is my favorite. I may end up doing the noodle ones because this might cost too much or be too difficult to find.

  • Marcia Stuertz Wagoner
    Marcia Stuertz Wagoner Montgomery, AL
    on Nov 17, 2016

    I love it! Don't have any old medallions but they can be found at home improvement stores and, of course, Amazon!

  • Ck.quilts
    on Aug 27, 2017

    Yes I will, I think it is a great idea and since we are moving it will give us something pretty to come home to. (besides the house)

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