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DIY Filing Chest

Our home office is a small space, and our tall, boxy filing cabinet always made it feel extra crowded. To create a solution that didn't sacrifice on storage, I built a long, low chest that doubles as a bench! Inside, there's room for nearly four feet of hanging files, a sliding tray for office supplies, and a bulletin board for reminders and notes.
Today I'm sharing a quick view of how the parts come together, but you can always hop over to my blog, Build Basic, using the link below to see each detailed step, and a full cut list for this project!
The first step is to cut all the parts. Next, drill pocket holes along the edges of the plywood and ends of the 1 x 2 pieces.
Assemble the 1 x 2 frames for each wall, and then attach a piece of plywood to each frame to complete the wall.
Once each wall is assembled, screw them to the 2 x 2 legs using the pocket holes drilled at the beginning of the tutorial. Install 1 x 2 cleats between the front and back walls to secure the box, and then insert the plywood bottom.
Assemble the office supply tray using 1 x 3 boards around the edges, and ½ x 2 "hobby boards" on the inside as dividers. Add a strip of molding to the inside of the box along the front and back wall to support the sliding tray.
Now is a good time to prime and paint all the parts. I also applied a clear coat so the white paint wouldn't scuff. Once the pieces are dry, attach a piano hinge to the underside of the lid, centered along its back edge. Center a few squares of cork board on the underside of the lid. The cork board can either be left exposed, or covered with fabric.
If the cork board gets covered with fabric, I recommend finishing the edges with a piece of ½ x ¾ inch trim board.
Attach the piano hinge to secure the lid. For safety, a lid support hinge can be added as well. Lastly, set a rack for hanging files and the office supply tray into the box!
I hope you enjoyed this project! To see each detailed step and a full cut list, click over to my site, Build Basic, using the link below! Thanks for reading!! --Jenn

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  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Dec 10, 2015

    This is amazing! I love all the hidden organization on the inside too. I SO need something like this in my place!

  • Wendy Cochran
    Wendy Cochran Swanville, MN
    on Dec 11, 2015

    Maybe make it taller and put doors on the bottom for supplies.

  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth
    on Dec 12, 2015

    This is really amazing. I have a file cabinet that couldn't possibly be any uglier. I think this may be a winter project for me. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Build Basic
      Build Basic Boston, MA
      on Dec 16, 2015

      @Mary Beth Isn't wintertime is the BEST time to work on projects like this?! Thank you for reading!!

  • Fab and Pretty
    Fab and Pretty
    on Dec 12, 2015


  • Sandra Crosbie
    Sandra Crosbie Ireland
    on Dec 13, 2015

    Amazing. It is such a good looking piece you could put it anywhere in your home.

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