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Paint color for a bathroom with old yellow & black tiles?

Currently, the bathroom is painted white but I would love to change it. There are yellow & black tiles halfway up on the walls. The tub, toilet & sink are white. What color can I put in this room? Thanks.
  • q paint color for a bathroom with old yellow amp black tiles, painting
  • q paint color for a bathroom with old yellow amp black tiles, painting
  • Susan
    Susan Rossville, TN

    I know adding enamel over tiles is an idea but the expense may be more than you want to spend. If so, you want to try to make the tile look deliberate in your design and not like something you want to hide. Therefore, you can use the color to your

  • Debi53
    Debi53 Broadway, NC

    First, thank your lucky stars you did not inherit the pink or mint green of the area. The yellow/black is actually quite awesome. Make it work for you. Instead of just painting your walls, why not stencil them in a bold geometric balck or charcoal on

  • Karen Williams

    I would agree with Debi53 - stencils would be the least expensive way to go. Instead of painting the tiles, I would "go with the flow". Additionally, there are are many nice wallpaper prints or even fabric that could be a style or thematic

  • AmyG
    AmyG Albuquerque, NM

    I love vintage tile - just ask Nicole Curtis...lol - I would wallpaper or paint to accent the tiles and not cover them. We had an older house in the Chicago area with the 50's teal tile - I wallpapered, added towels and accessories and loved it for

  • Deniseschoell

    I inherited pink plastic tile when we moved into this house. I do not like pink and couldn't afford to replace it. I gave the tile a light sanding, primed it with Kilz, and painted it with a gloss bright white paint, except for the top two rows. The