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How to Clean Silverware Marks From Corelle Dishes

Have you ever wondered how to get the silverware marks off of your Corelle Corning Ware dishes?
  • how to clean corelle dishes, cleaning tips
Perhaps they've been handed down to you or you've just had a set of your own for a long time. Maybe you've just been eyeing a set at your local antique mall, but weren't sure how to clean the Corelle dishes. It is easier than you may think.
  • how to clean corelle dishes, cleaning tips
We have had a set of the Corelle Corning Ware Meadow pattern ever since we were married. They belonged to my husband's parents and were his as a bachelor. Because of their durability, I really didn't want to get rid of them, even after we were given nice everyday dishes for wedding gifts. For some reason, the last 15 years of our marriage have been hard on these bowls. They have started showing their age with lots of silverware marks on them. Every one of the bowls looked about like this one. Pretty gross, right?
  • how to clean corelle dishes, cleaning tips
I absolutely hate to throw away perfectly good dishes, but these were just sitting in the cabinet not being used much. When I noticed that my husband was choosing my glass measuring bowls over these for his evening cereal snack, I had to ask why. "They look dirty," he said. Well, I couldn't argue with him there. I pulled out my secret weapon and got to work.
  • how to clean corelle dishes, cleaning tips
To clean those pesky little silverware marks, simply wet the bowl and sprinkle in a little bit of the Bar Keepers Friend (available at most grocery stores). With a wet scrubby sponge, work the cleansing powder into the water in a circular fashion. Using a little elbow grease, scrub the marks away. Rinse when finished.
  • how to clean corelle dishes, cleaning tips
To see just how easy it was to get these dishes sparkling clean again, head over to view the full post!

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  • Carrie Krumrie
    Carrie Krumrie Acworth, GA

    Olive oil and baking soda cleans so many things. ....ovens, glue from glass, yucky from dishes. Great! Cheap!

  • Carrie Hawk
    Carrie Hawk Tullahoma, TN

    I've been using this for years for a variety of things. Especially great on stainless steel cookware and stainless steel sinks. Just wish it smelled better. Get complaints on this every time I use it. Can't hardly find it now a days.

  • D fuhrman
    D fuhrman Athens, GA

    i just read somewhere about efferdent for dentures cleans stains. i never tried it but that might work too.

  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada

    Thanks for the tip. I have never had this happen to any of my Corelle dishes, and I have had different sets for years. I did have one shatter into hundreds of pieces when it fell on a carpeted floor, and a platter crack in 2 when I put a roast from

  • WorkerBee
    WorkerBee Saint Louis, MO

    Bon Ami also works.

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