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6 Tips To Eliminate Weeds In Your Garden!

Weeds. The enemy of gardeners the world around! They are responsible for choking the life from vegetable and flower gardens, while stealing life-giving nutrients away from our plants. Weeds are also the reason many gardeners throw their hands up by mid-summer and call it a year.
It simply doesn't have to be that way. In fact, some of the most time-consuming chores we have been led to believe help with gardening and weeds - are actually the main culprit to creating more! Simply by eliminating those weed promoting practices, and replacing with a few time and labor saving methods - you can all but eliminate the issue of weeds in your garden.
We spend no more than 10 minutes a day handling all of the chores in our garden - including weeding - and that's not a misprint! The first step is realizing that eliminating weeds in a garden is a process and not a one time thing. But don't let that scare you - the process is simple and leads to a productive and beautiful garden in a fraction of the

To see more: http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2013/03/19/6-tips-to-eliminate-weeds-from-your-garden/

  • Barb
    Barb Kansas City, MO

    Speaking of invasive plants. Missouri Conservation informed me that the plant that was coming up EVERYWHERE in the garden and any other unattended areas is Bradford Pear tree. They were beautiful trees 25 years ago and planted all over at new home

  • Nancy
    Nancy Langhorne, PA

    I have problems with Virginia Creeper vine. Goes everywhere quickly!

    • DORLIS
      DORLIS Silex, MO

      Tell me about this! I am in the middle of the woods and birds eat the fruit ad then poop out the seeds all over. This and poison ivy were always my greatest problems and now we have honeysuckle bush. This summer and fall, when my arm heals, I

  • Elaine Johns Reed

    Never plant native violets either because you will never get rid of them, even by using Roundup.

    • DORLIS
      DORLIS Silex, MO

      And I cannot get violets to grow. Have brought in many for different sources and all die.

  • Carey
    Carey Washtucna, WA

    We had some and loved them. When they began to spread into the lawn, my husband and I went out and looked at them and discussed the pro's and Cons. Pros: They grow easily, they don't have thorns or stickers, they work as a good ground cover.

  • Stillyoung
    Stillyoung Eidson, TN

    I live in east TN and every spring, parts of the property are full of wild violets- so pretty. I let them grow and when it's time to mow the grass , they get cut down too but then they have usually done blooming. My problem is the hard clay all