How To Make Homemade Goo Gone

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Recycled glass jars and bottles can be put to lots of good use around the house for storage or decorating. The most challenging part of recycling glass jars, however, can be getting the label completely off with no traces of the sticky gunk left behind. In the past I've used a product called Goo Gone for this job and it's always worked well. But guess what? You can make your own Goo Gone by simply combining vegetable oil and baking soda. I tested it out on a couple little glass jars and it really does work! You can click on the link below to read the complete instructions.
Time: 5 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Ron DeMattio
    Ron DeMattio Olean, NY
    I agree with the other comment that different types of adhesives are being used, so there is no one solution for every bottle. I've taken labels off by soaking in water, and others leave a gummy mess that won't come off without solvent.
  • Stacey A
    Stacey A Harrisburg, PA
    Lemon essential oil works great!
  • Pat Thistle
    Pat Thistle Framingham, MA
    and I've used just plain ole BABY OIL
  • Rhjensen
    We just mixed a little baking soda with Realemon juice
  • Y
    It really works ......... bought a bird feeder, covered with label on three sides. Tried everything to get it off, only top layer of label came off until I tried this .... Thanks
  • Donna
    Donna Everett, WA
    I soak the jar in a bowl of soapy water making sure the label is emerged for a few minutes, then an SOS pad will take it all off!!
  • Sue brown
    sue brown New Zealand
    All great ideas ladies thank you,i shall try :)
  • Diana R
    Diana R Westfield, WI
    Had a large plastic jar from mixed nuts. I soaked label off and filled w/ hot water. I then used olive oil and baking soda. I got some off still leaving a film. So I used WD40 sprayed on a paper towel and wiped off the residue. Worked like a charm!!
  • Rebecca Campbell Adkins
    Peeled off rubber adhesive around bathtub (not silicon caulking) It had been around tub to seal out water for years. Have slathered on goo gone numerous times using toothbrush and stuff won't budge. Soaking does not help.
  • Glenna
    Glenna Fort Worth, TX
    I'm sure any oil will work, it's the consistency that is key. I will try this with my cheapest cooking oil. I've had some success removing label glue with VINEGAR and baking soda. Hope this works better.
  • Myrna Engle
    Myrna Engle Flower Mound, TX
    Use WD40. It's non toxic and totally harmless and works for most everything. Go to their website. You'll be amazed.
  • Becky
    Becky Cumberland, MD
    You have to let it sit to soak in.
  • Pat Viehweg
    Pat Viehweg Pocatello, ID
    So will W D 40. Also great for removing spray paint off hands
  • Nikki Lewis
    Nikki Lewis Canada
    vinyl gloves while spray painting lol
  • Jenna lindhorst
    jenna lindhorst New Braintree, MA
    thanks so much when i was littler i used to stick stickers everywhere!! now i can finaly get them off before my grandmother gets to my house from new jersey and not be disappointed that a 13 year old has stickers of dora on her dresser 😂😂
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