HELP, how do I get rust off an old cast iron cornbread pan?

I found this great pan at a thrift store and paid 50 cents for it. It is a neat Sugaro cactus design, too cool. But the previous owner let is get rusty. I already tried Easy Off and wanted to try Naval Jelly, but the Naval Jelly is caustic and cast iron is porous. Any suggestions? Thanks :-)
  • Rose S
    Rose S Marietta, GA
    Now a new question: I have a cast aluminium heart shaped tray and would like to use it for Valentine's. But there are spots and discolorations on it. HOW DO I CLEAN IT without hurting it. Thanks.
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Is this an anodized tray or is the aluminum "bright"? if bright you may be able to buff out the spots with a kitchen scrubby...if anodized...that is a hard "electro-chemical" treatment that has been done to the metal...
  • Rose S
    Rose S Marietta, GA
    I have no clue what kind it is. The sort of shiny top has these dark areas. I have had it for quite a while. There are no markings on the back, like some of my others. But it looks 'poured' if that means anything. It is a heart shaped tray that I usually
  • Carolyn B
    Carolyn B Castalia, NC
    I have always burned mine over an open flame fire pit..This will have an ashy look afterward but will wipe out! then wash really well..all the rust should be gone then start seasoning...From then on never put soap on it! Happy cooking!
  • Victoria S
    Victoria S Cape Coral, FL
    when you season them to put in oven,turn them bottom side up! 225 oven heat
Rose S