Best Value Air Fryer 2016

The GoWISE USA GW22611 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer represents fantastic value for money and is slightly ahead of the remainder of the best air fryer pack, at least in this respect.
1. Wattage and Capacity
The GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer,together with its cooking settings which are digitally programmable,is able to handle anything up to 2.5 quarts at a single time. The overly generous space for cooking is plenty enough to accommodate a large amount of French fries or a number of cakes.
Plus, the appliance is sufficiently powered by 1,500 watts. Having said that, there have been a couple of gripes from previous customers of the GoWISEAir Fryer that it does in fact cook food a little too rapidly. And that can result in the food being burned.
2. Size and Settings
The GoWISE comes with a temperature gaugeof between 176 and 392 degrees. It's a range that is plenty sufficient for smaller and larger food items. Keep in mind, however, that if the cooking process is paused, both the timing and the temperature have to be reset. Failure to do this might end up in your food being cooked at the wrong temperature, and/ or for too long a time period.
With respect to the size of the unit, theGoWISE will neatly fit into a smaller kitchen space and does not look out of place in a larger kitchen.
3. GoWISE Electric Air Fryer Features
The appliance has a number of rather handy presets for cooking. Namely, warm-up, chicken, meat, steak, French fries, fish, and cake.
The large LCD display permits easy viewing and it's a simple matter to select which preset you have a preference for.
The variety of other features include GoWISE'sauto standby mode, a Rapid Air Circulation mode - this mode promotes low-fat cooking through the circulation of hot air which pervades around the food as opposed to having to use oil. Furthermore, there are a couple of handy safety features - auto switch-off and overheat protection.
4. Price
On account of the number of features that are available and the price that the GoWISE Air Fryer sells for, it resembles a rather remarkable deal in comparison to other air fryers that are currently available.
This air fryer features a 2.5-quart capacity for cooking, Rapid Air Circulation technology, as well as eight cooking presets.
The temperature gauge, with it 176- to 392-degree range, will happily accommodate the vast majority of your cooking requirements.
Nevertheless, a few owners have made mention of the accompanying timer and its lacking. The timing gauge allows for 30 minutes of cooking. And that, for some, is not quite enough for their needs.
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