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Great Find for Covering Plants

Good morning everyone. I was at Big Lots yesterday and came across a collapsible mesh laundry hamper for only $8. I decided it would be perfect for covering plants in containers or on the ground, to protect from birds, or from the Phoenix sunshine. It worked out great. I will check the dollar stores and see if I can maybe get more. The $8 one is a nice size, 16 inches in diameter. It even folds away when I don't need it!
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  • Barb P
    I just want to let u know,The hammper idea is Awesome,!! The coast is ok to ,But if u go to the Dollar tree, u can get it for a Dollar . Now that better, an u can buy more for ur coveings!! Thanks for ur ideas!! Barb P
  • Robyn
    Robyn Phoenix, AZ
    I am definitely going to the Dollar Tree. Thanks Barb P, I love that store!
  • Vetsy
    Vetsy Spartanburg, SC
    what a smart Idea! Thanks for sharing..
  • Marilyn S
    Marilyn S Hermitage, TN
    best I have found from keeping the critters out of my plants in crushed or ground red pepper. They don't like the hot stuff.
  • Beth Padgett
    Beth Padgett Jacksonville, FL
    Sounds great!! Will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing
  • Yvonne McKinley
    Yvonne McKinley West Fork, AR
    Great idea, thanks.
  • Kathe With An E (Kathe)
    Well aren't you the smart one! What an awesome idea!
  • Robyn
    Robyn Phoenix, AZ
    Thanks Kathe, boy they sure come in handy now. In Phoenix it is over 100 degrees every day already. It will stop this nonsense in October!
  • Sue M
    Sue M Duluth, GA
    Does the bag need to stay on the plant the entire season or can it be removed once it has matured?
  • Robyn
    Robyn Phoenix, AZ
    Hi Sue, It is really a mesh laundry hamper and totally see through and "air-through". I use it here in Phoenix when the sun is out all day with intensity in the summer. Today, since we have on and off sun, I am not using it. They weigh virtually nothing
  • Irene
    Irene Montclair, CA
    this is a great idea for giving those plants a little shade in the summer and protection from frost in the winter. I would like to caution all of you who are using them to be very careful with them. The metal that allows it to pop open can go through the
  • Debbie Hill
    Debbie Hill Bidwell, OH
    My grandson and I use them to keep critter in while we play with them, frogs crickets lizards, little boys you know the drill.
  • Robyn
    Robyn Phoenix, AZ
    you are busy!
  • Vicki
    Vicki Smyrna, GA
    I use same like your's from Big Lots w/ 25% cpn to cover butterfly caterpillars and cocoons on parsley plants from birds to eat them.
  • Rosalie M
    Rosalie M Kingston, PA
    Wash your furniture first. Give the wood a light sanding to allow for "tooth". Wipe off the sanding dust. Tooth makes the wood easier to absorb the paint. Use a primer before you begin to paint your dark furniture. You will get a more professional finish.

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