Great Find for Covering Plants

Good morning everyone. I was at Big Lots yesterday and came across a collapsible mesh laundry hamper for only $8. I decided it would be perfect for covering plants in containers or on the ground, to protect from birds, or from the Phoenix sunshine. It worked out great. I will check the dollar stores and see if I can maybe get more. The $8 one is a nice size, 16 inches in diameter. It even folds away when I don't need it!

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  • Rosalie M
    Rosalie M Kingston, PA
    Wash your furniture first. Give the wood a light sanding to allow for "tooth". Wipe off the sanding dust. Tooth makes the wood easier to absorb the paint. Use a primer before you begin to paint your dark furniture. You will get a more professional finish.
  • Kathryn MacMillan
    Kathryn MacMillan Annandale, NJ
    Thank you, fantastic idea. I got an elasticated outdoor plastic table cloth cover for a buck at a yardsale, pretty floral pattern, I stretch it over my wheelbarrow, if I go in after dark and haven't finished gardening, I leave my gloves, tools and bags
  • Irene
    Irene Montclair, CA
    I want to get some of the hampers to cover my veggies that are in pots. They will keep the white butterflies off my cabbage, brussels sprouts, brocolli etc. any plants in the cabbage family. The white butterflies lay eggs and when the catterpilers hatch
  • CaliforniaSleepybears
    Thank you for your idea! I have some succulent pot plants that I don't know where to put (not enough sunlight inside and get sunburnt under CA sun!) My backyard has not shade so I was trying to see what I can do... now I found 2 of these mesh laundry
  • Laurie Ann
    Laurie Ann Chatham, NY
    dollar stores have them also