Clawfoot tub to Chaise Lounge

DIY clean 04.19.16
Of course I have seen Breakfast at Tiffanys and my hat goes off to the original tub couch creator! However, I of COURSE have to add my spin!I though long and hard about simply taking the front out to make it a love seat, but .. then .. when do I do things the simple way? It needed that added flare and I am re finishing a clients bedroom to feel french, so it was a MUST to have curves. Voila the new Chaise for her master bedroom bay window!
First and Foremost - do NOT TRY CUTTING OR WORKING WITH THIS unless you have proper protective equipment on! Glasses AND masks are a MUST!!!!!! Not only do you have to deal with potential lead in the paint, but also glass infused, fired on porcelain and chips flying everywhere! Very messy job! - Now - on to the fun part!
I have been waiting three years to find the perfect tub! I found this one at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-store.
I plotted my design early to match with a theme I was doing in a clients Master Bedroom. She had asked to find a sitting bench or something for her Bay Window * DING DING DING* I finally have a reason to make the Chaise I wanted to do.
I worked on cutting the tub forever with a grinder as I was told plasma cutting was to hard on Cast .... it was pretty easy, however very time consuming, so I sourced it out after I got the initial trial over with. If I had more time to poke away at it I would have, but too many things were piling up! Then the work involved came. It took forever to figure out how to smoothe the chips from the cutting, but upon talking to some local car boys and metal workers, the idea of bondo came up! Might as well give it a go! And it worked! paint paint paint and add fabric and ta daaaaaaaaaaa! BUENO! There is a full album being uploaded right now to my Facebook page at Come join the fun!
Difficulty: Challenging

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  • Dyanne
    Dyanne Phenix City, AL
    Now, this is what I call a passion for uniqueness! There is a lot of challenging work involved in this. Congratulations on a job well done.
  • Gerri
    Gerri Davison, MI
    This is so cool. Would love to do one like this someday. Like the idea thanks for sharing .
  • Lana Bailey
    Lana Bailey Brandon, MS
    Would love this outside.
  • TRD Designs Ltd.
    TRD Designs Ltd. Katonah, NY
    Ditto.....Heavy I bet
  • Susan
    Susan Cary, NC
  • Susan Buchanan
    Susan Buchanan Navarre, FL
    i love taking an item and refurbishing into something totally different. You totally did here! Nice job!
  • Lori A
    Lori A Ballwin, MO
    love this idea, I have always wanted a chaise lounge! :)
  • Julie
    Julie Hastings, MN
    Did you get the idea from the antique restoration TV show? They made a loveseat out of a claw foot.
  • Sondra A
    Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Really beautiful! What a lot of work and creativity you put into this. Awesome job!
  • Cyndi G
    Cyndi G Yantis, TX
    SOOO Jealous!!! AWESOME!!!!!
  • Hollphi@originsoregon
    Hollphi@originsoregon Lake Oswego, OR
    Such a great reuse idea. I love this !
  • Joanie J
    Joanie J Eau Claire, WI
    What a cute idea.very creative.
  • Irene Piecora
    Irene Piecora Charlotte, NC
    Great look! Your hard work really paid off!!
  • Rebecca Platt
    Rebecca Platt Muskegon, MI
    I love this! Problem is I use mine!
  • Sue
    Sue Allentown, PA
    OMG I love it! So want one too.