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Clawfoot tub to Chaise Lounge

Of course I have seen Breakfast at Tiffanys and my hat goes off to the original tub couch creator! However, I of COURSE have to add my spin!I though long and hard about simply taking the front out to make it a love seat, but .. then .. when do I do things the simple way? It needed that added flare and I am re finishing a clients bedroom to feel french, so it was a MUST to have curves. Voila the new Chaise for her master bedroom bay window!
First and Foremost - do NOT TRY CUTTING OR WORKING WITH THIS unless you have proper protective equipment on! Glasses AND masks are a MUST!!!!!! Not only do you have to deal with potential lead in the paint, but also glass infused, fired on porcelain and chips flying everywhere! Very messy job! - Now - on to the fun part!
I have been waiting three years to find the perfect tub! I found this one at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-store.
I plotted my design early to match with a theme I was doing in a clients Master Bedroom. She had asked to
Difficulty: Challenging

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  • Jackie
    Jackie Woonsocket, RI

    OMG !!! I LOVE this !!

  • Beverly Linn
    Beverly Linn Twin Falls, ID

    Way cute. I love claw foot tubs. Great job!

  • Wendy Cochran
    Wendy Cochran Swanville, MN

    this is really neat. and we scraped 2 claw foot tubs. I won't do it ever again.

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson Island, KY

    That was a great idea & great workman ship. I would never have thought of doing that.

  • Sandra
    Sandra Titusville, FL

    What a great job. I love this. Please make one for me. 😉