Penny Fireplace: A Penny for your thoughts?

decore crafts 11.14.15

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We have a lovely house here in southern Georgia with 4 original coal fireplaces. The tile in our dining room fireplace was old and badly damaged so after some Google inspiration and pricing new tiles, we went with pennies!! Check out our penny fireplace +the custom R for our last name. This was all majorly impart to our friend Dirk who is the expert when it comes to tile work and remodeling things.

Every other penny is fliped head to bottom with some treasure hunts along the way ;)

A littleless than 5400 pennies, reused base molding, Bondera used for the penny adhesive,brown grout, and 2 coats of poly urethane.

Time: 1 Week Cost: $200 Difficulty: Moderate
  • final product!!
  • Our fireplace when we first bought the home in 2008
  • A little paints been added over the years around the fireplace but its ready for pennies!!
  • Details of how the pennies were put into place
  • A few friends helping out
  • Almost done, we were able to reuse the molding around the bottom by simply raising it up to match the pennies
  • Marcia Day
    Marcia Day Cedar City, UT
    Love this!
  • Kim
    Kim Centralia, WA
    that is so cool!
  • Luci Wies
    Luci Wies Canada
    Love it!
  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    Absolutely, drop dead gorgeous! It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
  • Ellen Naused
    Ellen Naused New Port Richey, FL
    We have done 2 bar tops in pennies, one was when our bar was outside on a covered porch, then the 2nd one was when we enclosed the porch as family room addition and for tradition we made the new bar top in pennies too. We got all the same year but did
  • Fiona VanSise
    Fiona VanSise Akron, OH
    Looks awesome...I did this to a small china cabinet, it too looks awesome.. I collected pennies for ages to do mine, still have tons left for another
  • Robin Wilson-Sonntag
    I see there is a R in the floor in front right corner of the fireplace. Was that done on purpose or is that just newer coins not mixed with the older ones?
    • Cody R
      Cody R West Point, GA
      Sheila D is right :) We did this on purpose, we used brand new pennies to make an R for our last name, a permanent stamp on the house. All of our other pennies are just random, we simply went to a local bank and purchased 2 boxes of rolled pennies.
  • Chelle Stephens
    Chelle Stephens Milton, FL
    I've seen the pictures of the penny covered floor and now your fireplace!! I think it would be great to do this to other things...maybe cover my entertainment center with them! Or my coffee table!! I'm talking myself into it!! Sadly, I live in an
  • Melanie
    Melanie Canada
    This would be such a cool idea for us Canadians as we have phased out pennies!!!
    • Sandy W
      Sandy W Lynden, WA
      Melanie and now good luck in trying to find pennies here to use on projects like this.. lol
  • Rosie
    Rosie Staten Island, NY
    This looks so nice.. very creative
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S Lagrange, GA
    Somewhere on the internet there is a picture of a floor that was done in pennies.. and a kitchen counter.. Now, I don't know about that.. I don't think you'd ever get it clean.. enough to use.. money is nasty.. but on something like this.. it's ok.. but
    • Cody R
      Cody R West Point, GA
      Nancy S you seal it so you don't have to worry about money being dirty ;)
  • Amber
    Amber Catlettsburg, KY
    I wasn't able to find a clear heat resistant polyurethane. I ended up with a poly acrylic clear coat. It says, obviously, the vapors are flammable. I just don't know if its heat rated properly.
    • Cody R
      Cody R West Point, GA
      Amber I will have a look this weekend in the barn to see if I can find the name - how is your project coming along?
  • Cody R
    Cody R West Point, GA
    No more thank a week really except for letting the items set before applying second coats
  • Amber
    Amber Catlettsburg, KY
    You are a doll! How long was this project from beginning to end?
  • Cody R
    Cody R West Point, GA
    This fireplace is not working, I did though get heat sealed urethane from Lowe's - its over in the Tile isle and is used for fireplaces - just in case in the future we want to install gas logs :)
Cody R

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