Penny Fireplace: A Penny for your thoughts?

We have a lovely house here in southern Georgia with 4 original coal fireplaces. The tile in our dining room fireplace was old and badly damaged so after some Google inspiration and pricing new tiles, we went with pennies!! Check out our penny fireplace +the custom R for our last name. This was all majorly impart to our friend Dirk who is the expert when it comes to tile work and remodeling things.

Every other penny is fliped head to bottom with some treasure hunts along the way ;)

A littleless than 5400 pennies, reused base molding, Bondera used for the penny adhesive,brown grout, and 2 coats of poly urethane.

Time: 1 Week Cost: $200 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Nadine
    Nadine Houston, TX
    very unique and creative!
  • Susan Rawlings
    Susan Rawlings Avon, OH
    Wow, what a great use for pennies! The color is amazing. Bravo!
  • Larry Chura
    Larry Chura Cheshire, OR
    A clever and beautiful project!
  • AvonelleRed
    AvonelleRed Montgomery, AL
    That looks amazing! Well done.
  • Dyane Hayes
    Dyane Hayes Thoreau, NM
    Did you use a special polyurethane that is heat resistant? I am afraid it might melt after all that work!
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    Just beautiful! I love it!!
  • Pamela Langone
    Pamela Langone Princeton, IL
    Looks great
  • Crystal N
    Crystal N Savannah, GA
    great job!
  • Theresa K
    Theresa K Savage, MN
    Absolutely beautiful!!
  • Fastnacht Shavout
    i think this should be sold at home improvement stores, because it looks so much nicer than tiles or laminate flooring!!
    • Cody R
      Cody R West Point, GA
      Fastnacht Shavout I agree!! We priced buying the premade penny tiles from various stores online but they are asking around $10-15 per sq ft which is way too much if you
  • Brenda Seelbach
    Brenda Seelbach League City, TX
    This is really great!!
  • Janet Fetting
    Awesome! And it will last and look great forever.
  • Carole
    Carole Madison, GA
    I love it! How clever!
Cody R