Tips for Applying Mulch!

We will have 3 yards of mushroom compost delivered this week. When I begin filling my first wheelbarrow, I will think about the mulching techniques I have learned from many and various gardeners over the past 10 years...

What I have learned so far:

1. This is a lot of work! So make it count for double the time & money: add nutrients while you mulch.

2. Apply it 2-3 inches deep to suppress weeds for the growing season. You still may get some, but usually they are easier to pull out of the loose mulch than the firm soil.

3. Make sure to leave your plants some wiggle room. Apply the mulch deeply, but leave it at least one inch away from the crown of the plant. Leave 2-3 inches of space all around tree trunks.

4. Do not apply hot compost (meaning mushroom compost or other nutrient rich sources) to woodland (e.g. ferns) or silver-leaved plants (lavender).

Cost: $80 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Julie @ Wife, Mother, Gardener
    Madeline - I think you should suggest to your doctor that he get out of his office and try it! :) Gardening has been found to be one of the best activities for overall health. The weight bearing & continuous movement of gardening is especially good for
    • LCGPetrey
      LCGPetrey Atlanta, GA
      & we have fabulous veggies & beautiful plants!
  • Mary Ann Miron
    Mary Ann Miron Hempstead, TX
    Love mushroom compost! For those that have never used it, make sure you let it sit for a week otherwise it will burn your plants! If there is grass with seeds under your compost when you first put it down, the "burn" may cause the seeds to dry and then
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    Your compost looks so wonderfully rich! Thanks for sharing your great advice.
  • Sharon
    Sharon Oakland, ME
    I'm interested in your pots of ivy you have sitting by the compost. Can you tell me more? Thanks.
  • Correy.smith321
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Julie @ Wife, Mother, Gardener