Making Lightweight Hypertufa Planters

Gardening 4 days ago
Last summer I made my first set of hypertufa planters. They have the look of rough cement, but are quite lightweight.

Supply list:

Perlite, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Portland Cement, Water, Cooking Spray (I used Pam), Large bucket or something to mix your ingredients in, Rubber gloves, Particle mask, Safety glasses, Various plastic or cardboard containers to use as molds

Wear your rubber gloves, particle mask and safety glasses!!! Portland cement can be nasty if inhaled, gets on your skin or in your eyes. Don't make me come over there and put them on you!

Mix equal parts of Perlite, Sphagnum Peat Moss and Portland cement. Add enough water to make it a cottage cheese like consistency.

Spray your containers with cooking spray and then fill the areas between the two items with the mixture.

Wrap your planters-to-be in a plastic garbage bag and patiently wait for them to harden. I let mine dry for 24 hours in the bag and then 4 days outside the bag.

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  • Joanne Shy
    Joanne Shy Eagle, CO
    Using elephant ear plant leaves are great to use also
  • House Of Hawthornes
    House Of Hawthornes Columbus, OH
    Cathie T Those bags are ridiculously heavy aren't they. I wish it came in smaller bags.
  • Annette C
    Annette C Shreveport, LA
    I don't know if this has been mentioned but wire coat hanger or artist wire would help keep the fingers on the gloved hands, insert the wire either while the mixture is firming but not hard or at the start of poor. This with give the fingers the support
  • House Of Hawthornes
    House Of Hawthornes Columbus, OH
    Annette C Great minds think alike! I tried the hands again recently and used florist wire wrapped around a pencil to make little corkscrew looking things and jammed those into the
  • Annette C
    Annette C Shreveport, LA
    I can't wait to try your planter project! I've been collecting weird shaped containers to experiment with. I have also thought this could work over chicken wire to create foe lava rock water fountain, that would be so much lighter than the real deal...
  • Mo
    Mo Temple, TX
    Answer to heavy concrete bags. My very nice Home Depot People who all know me from my many visits since I use this place as my Art Supply Store help me out. They take the bags out back, cut them in half with a saw and drop each half in Home Depot buckets
  • Gabriele Gross
    Gabriele Gross Lubbock, TX
    Add to this post...i use vermiculite i stead of perlite, because the perlite flies all over the place. for the hole on the buttom...try a straw or small piece of oil-sprayed pvc.
  • Bonnie G
    Bonnie G Braselton, GA
    Yes make sure you where eye protection. I make garden houses out of this and when I was taking the concrete to put into a plastic container (I use the sterlite tubs and split it up but like your homedepot buckets better) it splashed up in my face and got
  • House Of Hawthornes
    House Of Hawthornes Columbus, OH
    Bonnie G That sounds horrible! Hope your eye heals soon.
    EATTOHEAL Paramount, CA
    So much good stuff ! I want to make a water type planter, with these wonderful ideas I can.
  • Gabriele Gross
    Gabriele Gross Lubbock, TX
    you could use mason stains in powder form to add to the"dough" when mixing...or mix the powder with a little water to "paint" afterwards.
  • Sarah Gillman
    Sarah Gillman Rockford, MI
    For my "hands" I used a bin of sand, and draped the glove over a ball. That gave the nice round shape to "hold" a succulent.
  • Karen Lynn @Lil' Suburban Homestead
    I saw this done on a Martha Stewart show and I never could figure it out but I think I can do this :) Thanks for sharing!
  • Judy Hildebrant
    Judy Hildebrant Chicago, IL
    For a "mix" I know you say 1 part sand,1 part perlite, and 1 1/2 part cement , but approximately how much do you use? Is it 2 cups of mixture to 3 cups of cement? I've got the ratio down, but how much to make say a small planter?
  • Janet Botten
    When using vermiculite or perlite, make sure the product you're using is horticultural grade. Both vermiculite and perlite are used by the building trades and have been treated with chemicals that kill plants and aren't good for humans, either. Know
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