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Painting fabric upholstery with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We painted the outdated upholstery on these antique chairs with a mixture of 50% Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and 50% water. We misted the fabric with a spray bottle of water with each coat of paint so that the fabric would absorb the paint and not be stiff. It took three coats of paint, with about 24 hours of drying time between each coat. We stenciled a french design on each chair using Annie Sloan Graphite. The blue stripe was stenciled with Aubusson Blue. We then distressed and glazed the arms and legs. You can see the full tutorial here: http://bella-tucker.com/2013/04/painting-fab... #repurpose #painted fabric #painted upholstery #Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
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  • Grandmaquilts Hendersonville, NC
    Love it. Great for fabric out of style but not worn out. Only thing I can thing of to "seal" the fabric would be ScotchGuard/
  • Crave Seaside, OR
  • Melissa B Forney, TX
    Good upholstery and paint. What a neat idea. How is it holding up? You sure brought some new life to outdated furniture!!
    • Melissa B Thanks so much. We actually sold these so I'm not sure how it's holding up, but it seemed like the fabric and paint had become one. I don't expect any problems. :)
  • Yes! And thanks for asking
  • Debbie Sykesville, MD
    Beautiful makeover!
  • awesome projects and LOVE LOVE LOVE all the idea's for sealing.. would love to hear if anyone comes up with any other idea's on sealing. I have a lot of furniture to makeover and Plan to use this, have messy kids and soon-to-be grandbaby coming. will
  • Melissa B Forney, TX
    I have to agree with Grandmaquilts....ScotchGuard makes several different kinds and several light coats might do the trick. Maybe test in a small hidden area to make sure it doesn't dissolve the fabric paint. OOO... that would be bad. LOL If anyone tries
  • That is so cool..I want to try this..what kind of chalk paint and or brand or does any kind work?
  • Lucy Beverly Hills, CA
    Brilliant and sooo clever x
  • Charolette Corey Brackettville, TX
    Where can you get "chalk paint" ? I live in Brackettville, TX
  • Amber Atlanta, GA
    Do you recommend doing this on a large scale? Like a couch?
    • Amber I would say if you weren't going to spend a lot of time on the couch. The fabric becomes kind of stiff, so not very comfy. I think it's best for an accent chair.
  • Amber Atlanta, GA
    Thanks so much!
  • This looks great!!! I painted a couch about 2 years ago and LOVED it. We still use it as our main couch today. It's super comfy and I'm so glad I did it. ( http://blissfullychicdiy.blogspot.com/2014/0...