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Painting fabric upholstery with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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We painted the outdated upholstery on these antique chairs with a mixture of 50% Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and 50% water. We misted the fabric with a spray bottle of water with each coat of paint so that the fabric would absorb the paint and not be stiff. It took three coats of paint, with about 24 hours of drying time between each coat. We stenciled a french design on each chair using Annie Sloan Graphite. The blue stripe was stenciled with Aubusson Blue. We then distressed and glazed the arms and legs. You can see the full tutorial here: http://bella-tucker.com/2013/04/painting-fabric-with-annie-sloan-chalk-paint/ fabric upholstery Sloan Chalk Paint

To see more: http://bella-tucker.com/2013/04/painting-fabric-with-annie-sloan-chalk-paint/

  • Megan
    Megan Franklin, TN

    We just moved into a house with heavy custom drapery. Will chalk paint work on this?

  • Colpodamore

    molto benne bella!

  • Shericodner

    On the can ofchalk paint it says that the paint contains ingredients that cause cancer and it also contains phalates which disrupt hormones. Can you explain how it is a good idea to be covering upholstered furniture with it?? I wouldn't use it for

    • LibraryKAT
      LibraryKAT Howell, MI

      Agreed. Don't care for the chalk paint look myself, but have used acrylic craft paints and latex paint to do something similar.

  • Beverly Keely
    Beverly Keely Rock Hill, SC

    How about sofa pillows? Will that paint well?

  • Andrea Schnapp
    Andrea Schnapp Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    I'd like to know how you distressed the wood on the arm chair above as I would like to do that my familiar chair. Thanks you!

    • Jiji luxe
      Jiji luxe Canada

      @Andrea Schnapp you would use a fine grit sanding paper. Lightly distress to desired look.

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