Painting fabric upholstery with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Inspired DIY 13 hours ago
We painted the outdated upholstery on these antique chairs with a mixture of 50% Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and 50% water. We misted the fabric with a spray bottle of water with each coat of paint so that the fabric would absorb the paint and not be stiff. It took three coats of paint, with about 24 hours of drying time between each coat. We stenciled a french design on each chair using Annie Sloan Graphite. The blue stripe was stenciled with Aubusson Blue. We then distressed and glazed the arms and legs. You can see the full tutorial here: #repurpose #painted fabric #painted upholstery #Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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  • Sandi Ravenscraft
    Sandi Ravenscraft Saint Peters, MO
    How much paint did you use for both of the chairs? I am doing two wingback chairs and the lady at the store said 1 can would be enough but I seem to be going through it quickly. Mixing with water and misting before. Is it just the first coat that seems
  • Alex
    Alex Clearwater, FL
    Do you think it would be possible to just lighten a fabric with a coat or two? I have a pair of accent chairs with a pretty fabric that just needs to be a little more subtle.
  • Grandmother Of 8
    Grandmother Of 8 Middleboro, MA
    how is Annie Sloan chalk paint different from any other chalk paint?
  • Christine
    Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
    Have you painted velvet? I'm concerned about the nap becoming all nasty. But I've inherited a cute little pinky-purple chair and just can't afford to reupholster. My very first thought was to paint...
  • Monica Galletti
    Monica Galletti Streetsboro, OH
    Is it scratchy to sit on .......
  • Linda Holley
    Linda Holley South Fulton, TN
    Just bought a very large ottoman today at a junk store and I want to paint the fabric. Should it be waxed? We will def use it to put our feet on-paid less that $50 for it!
  • Sallysalter
    Sallysalter Canada
    the paint on seat of chair racked anything i can do?
  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Vicksburg, MS
    I wouldn't chalk paint any fabric unless I waxed it! The wax is what makes it feel luxurious. It has the feel of leather after it is waxed. Best thing I ever did.
    • Charro534
      I'm sure they will ship Annie Sloan clear wax to you. I do not know what kind of waxes you have there.
  • Morrisey4
    I chalk painted my dinning room chairs. How long do I have to wait before "using" chairs after waxing them? Thanks!
  • Kaily Desrochers
    I have a dark hunter green recliner. Will I be able to paint it white! It's fabric and patterned. Thanks
  • Michele Shank
    I just finished a roll back living room chair. I misted it with water and used watered down Annie Sloan. It took 3 cans. Then I waxed it tonight. I'm so disappointed because it chipped off while waxing. Now I'm wondering if it will actually be useable.
    • Jacqueline Lo
      Michele Shank Hi Michele - I know this is an old post, so maybe you've already found a solution. The reason it chipped off is because the paint was sitting on top of the fabric
  • Debbiedd
    Debbiedd Newnan, GA
  • Rita S. Brown
    Rita S. Brown Glasgow, KY
    What is the method for applying the wax to upholstered furniture?
  • Sandy Hudgins
    what kind of wax are you referring to? Would love to try this.
  • Marcy Mckinney
    Marcy Mckinney Mc Kenzie, TN
    Other waxes besides Annie Sloans, planning on doing a large project so I'm going to need alot.
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