No Sew Burlap Curtains

Curtains 05.08.16
I needed some curtains for the kitchen eating area. I settled on a No Sew project. Simple as two yards of burlap, a small section of contrasting burlap and drapery hooks. Don't for get the great big burlap bow!

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  • Bonita kinnunen
    Bonita kinnunen Andover, MN
    I love this! Your burlap looks softer than what I bought......please tell me what kind of burlap, I don't think mine will drape like yours! You did a great job!!
  • Parsnippidy Moments
    Parsnippidy Moments Danville, VA
    Thank, Bonita! I got mine from hobby lobby-just off the roll....take your 40% coupon!
  • Nikki
    Nikki Fenton, MO
    I noticed it said no sew, Mainly because I can NOT sew hahaaa =) But I was wondering if you used hemminging tape or anything to keep them from fraying? And before I get ahead of myself and forget to mention they look GREAT! =)
  • Jeanene
    Jeanene Eddyville, IA
    These do look great they are just what I am looking for in my kitchen. I will have to check out Hobby Lobby.
  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH
    Nicely done!
Parsnippidy Moments