?! paint colors & window treatments

Put me in a clients kitchen & bath and I have no problems picking just the right thing! My own home.. another story!

We've remodeled the bath completed, and now I have to paint and put up window treatments and I'm done! I am keeping the blue ceiling in the bathroom ... and need to keep the faux on the angle of the tray ceiling in the bedroom (hides lots of drywall flaws)

New paint - bath walls, bedroom walls and ceiling of tray. Thinking of a lighter tan and rid of the gold tone as much as possible. Same color in both rooms because there is no door to the bath.

Window treatments - quite a struggle. I want a soft treatment and would love to have panels, but the corner hutch stifles this idea unless the panel is ok to sit in front of the window. But note I also have a single window left of the bed. I like roman shades - but they cannot be pulled up all the way, right? I love opening the blinds during the day. '

Bedspread is new.. pure white. Wondering about white w/blue accents.. or even a solid light blue.

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    You could consider mounting the roman shades above the window - all the way to the ceiling - as outside mounts and it will not only give the illusion of the window being bigger but when you raise the shades they will clear more of the window and let more
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