Growing Container Tomatoes in Six Easy Steps

Container grown vegetables are a great alternative if you're limited on space or just looking for a more manageable form of small scale gardening. Click the link above for the full details on how to create your own.

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  • Bobbi Henderson
    Bobbi Henderson New Port Richey, FL
    Thanks for the tip...I have never removed the leaves when planting my tomatoes but I am going to try it. I love to use large pots for my tomatoes and keep them on the patio, close to the kitchen.
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Fantastic! Thank you for this great post!
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    Another alternative for something to cover the hole in the pot is a coffee filter.
  • Patricia W
    Patricia W Eugene, OR
    Im loving all of the Burpee Container Plant seeds out this year! I bought all mostly Burpee and Territorial Seed Company seeds for my nursery and had just the best luck with them! Territorial seed company is just down the street from where I am now
  • Maria Zwack
    Maria Zwack North Tonawanda, NY
    Although I like the idea of the dryer sheet, should I be worried about chemicals leeching into the soil?
  • Sheri Ackerman
    Sheri Ackerman Rehoboth Beach, DE
    Using a dryer sheet to cover the drainage hole is genius! I would have never thought of that.
  • Katherine Rusler-Davis
    Yes the dryer sheets still have chemicals in them even after use. You can use a piece of coffee filter or even a piece of paper or a piece of tape on the outside. remove the tape after filling with soil. It just to keep the soil from falling through the
  • Caroline Pfeiffer
    Caroline Pfeiffer Gresham, OR
    You can also use newspaper in the bottom of your pots. I use coffee filters since we have so many. Works great.
  • Meredith Seidl
    Meredith Seidl Eau Claire, WI
    I've been gardening for 35+ years and it's my experience that it doesn't matter if you remove the bottom branches or not, at first or throughout the growing season. Seems to be just a matter of personal preference. I also suggest rather than using a uses
  • Linda Matheny
    Linda Matheny Kingsport, TN
    Love this, can't wait to try.
  • Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage
    Maria Zwack since it's such a small piece at the bottom of the pot where the water takes it out, i truly don't believe chemicals will incorporate into the soil. but this is just a preference for me since i have used ones on hand.
  • Pam Shoesmith Probasco
    I, too, use rocks to cover hole and have also seen people use scraps of landscaping fabric.
  • Mary M
    Mary M Smyrna, TN
    you can use a coffee filter (half of one) over the drainage hole if you don't want to use dryer sheet.
  • Jolene Radula Wemyss
    Jolene Radula Wemyss Huntington Beach, CA
    i started using window well for drainage & keeping the dirt in
  • Bea F
    Bea F Corpus Christi, TX
    All the ideas are great. I will use anything as long as I get some tomatoes. Thank you all for the information.
  • Marilyn S
    Marilyn S Republic, OH
    You can even use used coffee filters to cover the holes. Used coffee grounds are good for the soil and we put the filters and grounds in the compost pile.
Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage