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Growing Container Tomatoes in Six Easy Steps

Container grown vegetables are a great alternative if you're limited on space or just looking for a more manageable form of small scale gardening. Click the link above for the full details on how to create your own.
  • growing container tomatoes in six easy steps, container gardening, gardening, Your list includes pots 12 in diameter or larger a used dryer sheet potting soil compost slow release fertilizer optional tomatoes

To see more: http://www.homeologymodernvintage.com/2013/04/growing-tomatoes-in-containers.html

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  • Pam Shoesmith Probasco

    I, too, use rocks to cover hole and have also seen people use scraps of landscaping fabric.

  • Mary M
    Mary M Smyrna, TN

    you can use a coffee filter (half of one) over the drainage hole if you don't want to use dryer sheet.

  • Jolene Radula Wemyss
    Jolene Radula Wemyss Huntington Beach, CA

    i started using window screen....works well for drainage & keeping the dirt in

  • Bea F
    Bea F Corpus Christi, TX

    All the ideas are great. I will use anything as long as I get some tomatoes. Thank you all for the information.

  • Marilyn S
    Marilyn S Republic, OH

    You can even use used coffee filters to cover the holes. Used coffee grounds are good for the soil and we put the filters and grounds in the compost pile.

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