French Inspired Terra Cotta Flower Pots! | Hometalk
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  • Diane S
    Diane S Roanoke, VA

    I asked this before & never got a answer. Can you do this on drawer fronts?

    • Lisa
      Lisa Roscoe, IL

      @Diane S YES, you can do this technique on practically ANYTHING!

  • Gladys Benabe
    Gladys Benabe Trujillo Alto, PR

    Beautiful. thanks for sharing

  • Josephine Alvarez
    Josephine Alvarez Hollywood, FL

    where can you get the stencil and paint

  • Nyky Ventimiglia
    Nyky Ventimiglia Barberton, OH

    does it matter if i have ink jet or a laser printer? (toner vs ink)

    • Fiona Beer

      Laser print as inkjet ink bleeds when you wet the paper.

  • Freda
    Freda Duluth, GA

    Love it!