What is the cost to convert an attached carport to a garage on a brick ranch house?

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  • The issue you have is what the township will require. If there is just a slab poured without any footings then you may be required to remove the slab, dig footings and start from there. However if they allow the current footings that is supporting the
  • Make sure you are allowed to make it a garage in the first place. My father wanted to turn his carport into a garage, but was not able to due to fire right of way restrictions. They called the garage a permanent structure which could not go past a
  • There is a township not far from me that allows owners to convert their attached garage into a living space. Providing they pull the correct permits to do so. But... When they go to sell the house, they must convert it back into a garage, unless they
  • Courtier Construction Mount Dora, FL

    First, as Woodbridge and Dan have stated, check to see if it is allowed in your area and if neccessary, approved by your

  • HandyANDY has done a number of these over the years usually with new framing, insulation and hardiplank siding as the most cost effective route. Are you trying to make this an enclosed garage or additional living space? Posting a pic helps too!
  • Yvonne S Stone Mountain, GA
    Hi HandyAndy,

    I don't have the house yet; my current house has a 2 car garage. I want to sell my existing home and buy in the Marietta

  • Depending on where you are hunting, once you're house is sold...which will likely take quite a bit in Stone mtn.....to insulate, frame and hardiplank the exterior on a typical carport you're probably at about $2,500...plus another $1,500 to $2,500 for
  • Yvonne S Stone Mountain, GA
    Thanks everyone for all the advice!!
  • Sure Yvonne - if we can help, ask again. Try to look into the 203 loan with either Fidelity Bank or WellsFargo....avoid Bank of America for this type of loan as it's just too difficult to work with them. The local people are fine but all of the