Our Gnome Garden 2013

My granddaughter Alexis and I created a Gnome Garden last year. It was in one large pot and fed over into one small matching pot. It died. Well, all the plants did anyway. So today, I went over to her house and we went to the Garden Center to buy new plants and redo our little garden. I had gotten some new "furniture" and we were very excited! So excited that our "little" gnome garden is now in those original pots... AND three more containers we scrounged up to be able to hold all of our goodies!! I think I need to find one nice BIG container soon but... for now... hope you all enjoy as much as we did! Thank you Lexi for a wonderful day in our gnome garden!!
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  • Jenny Belman Ontario, CA
    It's really beautiful!!!! Spring is the time of renewal and fresh starts. Now its time for planting and growing your own enchanting home for gnomes. Nice.
  • This is adorable! I'm planning on doing something similar for my girls this year. I'm clipping this for inspiration!
  • A great memory captured on film! Years from now i bet she will have a garden with her child to share with you again!
  • Delyne Nunez Houston, TX
    Thank you everyone! We had SO much fun doing it! And knew a little more what kind of plants to get this time... lol!
  • what a wonderful time to share with you grand baby and learning about gardening and designing. She probably is having the best time with you...enjoy!
  • Donna Nelson Jenkinsburg, GA
    So pretty! I love making gardens too!
  • Marcia Cantrell Longview, TX
    Too cute!!
  • Carol Longview, TX
    Love it! Wonderful imagination.
  • Delyne Nunez Houston, TX
    Thank you, Carol! We had so much fun picking out the plants and print it all together!
  • Delyne Nunez Houston, TX
    Thank you!