• Crystal london
    Crystal london Olivehurst, CA
    Love these.So clever. I'm new to this DIY projects but,can't wait to try this with the gr.kids
  • Cindy tustin
    Cindy tustin Arcadia, KS
    I use jute purchased at the dollar tree to make hangers for my solar jars. I have a work table 2 ft wide and i loop the jute around it 4 times giving me 8 strands. I tie a knot in the 8 strands about 4 inches up making sure I Have the cut ends included.
  • Cindy
    Cindy Columbia, MO
    yes a nice little project to make your garden yours , awesome idea ,thanks for sharing
  • Leola Zakos
    Leola Zakos Pensacola, FL
    i did a bolding ball this way abount 10 years ago still beatiful it is blue stones use the glue that is water proff it is heavy as my light ones were stolen
  • Mary Pelczar
    Mary Pelczar Lawrence, MA
    great idea
  • Chiquita Zola
    Chiquita Zola Queens Village, NY
  • Alice Harley-Wosnig
    Alice Harley-Wosnig Mableton, GA
    I have done this with my wine bottles for my bottle tree. I have a few more bottles to do before I order the tree. thread LED icicle lights in them and I'll be ready to show it off.
  • Alice Harley-Wosnig
    Alice Harley-Wosnig Mableton, GA
    Yes I will. Each string of the lights will be in a wine bottle. Have to get a heavy duty extention cord I can bury to light them with and put them on a timer for dusk to dawn. LED will be a lot cheaper and they last almost forever.
  • Sandy Tromin
    Sandy Tromin Eaton Rapids, MI
    you ladies are so creative! I see a jar and its a jar, I have to look with my mind and not just my eyes
  • Jackie Chaloux
    Jackie Chaloux Colchester, CT
    Love your idea!! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Tina Franzen
    Tina Franzen Harper Woods, MI
    very unique, inexpensive and pretty!
  • Bobee Brandt
    This is brilliant; solar lights seem to die out in the rain and sun and this will probably lengthen their life .....
  • Glenda T
    Glenda T Arlington, TX
    Do you glue marbles on the bottom of the jar which later is the top? If so, does enough sunlight get in to charge the battery?
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      Glenda T Yes, glue marbles to what becomes the top. I put the solar light on some styrofoam so the battery is at the top. Sunlight DOES get through to charge the battery.
  • Pam
    Pam Tifton, GA
    Does this glue dry clear? And hold over time?
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      Pam Yes the glue I use dries clear. I get tubes of silicon all weather glue at Walmart. You will use a good amount of it, but has lasting through all the seasons outside. My solar
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      We are all big Packer fans around here, and I bought green and gold marbles and painted Packer G's on some of the green ones. Everyone I've given them to love them...just a little something that doesn't cost much and makes people smile when you give them
  • Pam
    Pam Tifton, GA
    Cool Thanks! Can't wait to make one
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