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Yard art 10.26.15

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I wanted to add some new elements to my back garden this year.I wanted something that sparkled and stood out among the plants as they start to grow and bloom.And, because you know me, and my lack of patience, it had to be easy. I grabbed an empty jar, some flat sided marbles and some good glue and went to work. #thinkspring #springfever
  • I grabbed an empty jar, some flat sided marbles and some good glue
  • I glued the marbles all over the jar in a random pattern.
  • I then took a solar light from the Dollar Tree and took the long pole off. I dropped the light part, solar cell at the bottom, into the jar
  • I spray painted a leftover wooden stake a dark blue and screwed the cap of the jar lid into the pole.
  • And then screwed the jar onto the lid. Not only does it shimmer in the sunlight, it gives off a soft blue glistening glow at night thanks to the solar light inside. Should the light quit working, I can simple untwist it and replace the battery in the light.

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  • Glenda T
    Glenda T Arlington, TX
    Do you glue marbles on the bottom of the jar which later is the top? If so, does enough sunlight get in to charge the battery?
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      Glenda T Yes, glue marbles to what becomes the top. I put the solar light on some styrofoam so the battery is at the top. Sunlight DOES get through to charge the battery.
  • Pam
    Pam Tifton, GA
    Does this glue dry clear? And hold over time?
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      We are all big Packer fans around here, and I bought green and gold marbles and painted Packer G's on some of the green ones. Everyone I've given them to love them...just a little something that doesn't cost much and makes people smile when you give them
  • Pam
    Pam Tifton, GA
    Cool Thanks! Can't wait to make one
  • Jlri4
    jlri4 Lincoln, NE
    I tried using hot glue to glue on gems. Does the quick seal glue hold better
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H New York, NY
      We have unanimously found clear silicone bath/outdoor caulk to be the sturdiest. I used it on my bowling balls ,cd' twisters,etc and after years in weather...still going strong. Some use other glues etc that do not hold up over time. Lots of comments
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    I notice this is dap clear. is it really clear? I have had it,and in using it it comes out of the tube white. So I didn't use it on my projects. Does it dry clear,because it is white when it comes out???
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