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DIY Garden Art

I wanted to add some new elements to my back garden this year.I wanted something that sparkled and stood out among the plants as they start to grow and bloom.And, because you know me, and my lack of patience, it had to be easy. I grabbed an empty jar, some flat sided marbles and some good glue and went to work. #thinkspring #springfever

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  • Crystal london
    Crystal london Olivehurst, CA
    Love these.So clever. I'm new to this DIY projects but,can't wait to try this with the gr.kids
  • Cindy tustin
    Cindy tustin Arcadia, KS
    I use jute purchased at the dollar tree to make hangers for my solar jars. I have a work table 2 ft wide and i loop the jute around it 4 times giving me 8 strands. I tie a knot in the 8 strands about 4 inches up making sure I Have the cut ends included.
  • Cindy
    Cindy Columbia, MO
    yes a nice little project to make your garden yours , awesome idea ,thanks for sharing
  • Leola Zakos
    Leola Zakos Pensacola, FL
    i did a bolding ball this way abount 10 years ago still beatiful it is blue stones use the glue that is water proff it is heavy as my light ones were stolen
  • Mary Pelczar
    Mary Pelczar Lawrence, MA
    great idea
  • Chiquita Zola
    Chiquita Zola Queens Village, NY
  • Alice Harley-Wosnig
    Alice Harley-Wosnig Mableton, GA
    I have done this with my wine bottles for my bottle tree. I have a few more bottles to do before I order the tree. thread LED icicle lights in them and I'll be ready to show it off.
  • Alice Harley-Wosnig
    Alice Harley-Wosnig Mableton, GA
    Yes I will. Each string of the lights will be in a wine bottle. Have to get a heavy duty extention cord I can bury to light them with and put them on a timer for dusk to dawn. LED will be a lot cheaper and they last almost forever.
  • Sandy Tromin
    Sandy Tromin Eaton Rapids, MI
    you ladies are so creative! I see a jar and its a jar, I have to look with my mind and not just my eyes
  • Jackie Chaloux
    Jackie Chaloux Colchester, CT
    Love your idea!! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Tina Franzen
    Tina Franzen Harper Woods, MI
    very unique, inexpensive and pretty!
  • Bobee Brandt
    This is brilliant; solar lights seem to die out in the rain and sun and this will probably lengthen their life .....
  • Glenda T
    Glenda T Arlington, TX
    Do you glue marbles on the bottom of the jar which later is the top? If so, does enough sunlight get in to charge the battery?
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      Glenda T Yes, glue marbles to what becomes the top. I put the solar light on some styrofoam so the battery is at the top. Sunlight DOES get through to charge the battery.
  • Pam
    Pam Tifton, GA
    Does this glue dry clear? And hold over time?
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      Pam Yes the glue I use dries clear. I get tubes of silicon all weather glue at Walmart. You will use a good amount of it, but has lasting through all the seasons outside. My solar
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      We are all big Packer fans around here, and I bought green and gold marbles and painted Packer G's on some of the green ones. Everyone I've given them to love them...just a little something that doesn't cost much and makes people smile when you give them
  • Pam
    Pam Tifton, GA
    Cool Thanks! Can't wait to make one
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