Make Easy Bird Feeders from Recycled Coffee Cans

Backyard Escapes 6 days ago
Spring is here and the birds have returned from their winter homes. Make them up some cute feeders from coffee cans. Add in the right kind of food and you could be listening to the beautiful song birds in no time.
Time: 1 Hour Difficulty: Easy
Only use actual metal cans. The cardboard ones will not hold up in the weather.
Remove the bottom with a can opener and take off the label.
Paint your can up and seal with a water proof sealant.
Cut the top of the can in half and hot glue each half onto each of the ends of the can.
Add two tiny nail holes to the top. String through twine and tie in a knot.
Fill with food, hang in a tree, and watch the birdies come to eat.

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  • Jeanette Tough
    Is it squirrel proof?
    • LeeAnn Gerleman
      LeeAnn Gerleman Sheldon, IA
      Jeanette Tough I bought a squirrel proof bird feeder. It is screwed onto the side of my garage, and there is a metal plate, when something heavier than a tiny bird sits on it,
    • The Thriftiness Miss
      Jeanette Tough Maybe I don't have a large squirrel population around be, but I've never had a problem with them getting into it. (or I just don't see them getting into it) I
  • Beth Cole Byrne
    Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
    If I didn't have a large population of squirrels itching to get at the bird food, I'd try this!
  • Heather Bayliss
    Heather Bayliss Center Point, TX
    squirrels are not easily fooled.... and determined creatures!
  • Faith
    faith Fergus Falls, MN
    gotta make one for the squirrels they steal from the birds
  • Lois
    Lois Medford, NY
    Funny story: my girlfriend moved from Long Island to Pennsylvania. Hung a bird feeder. Squirrels got it. Husband hung it lower. Squirrels got it. Bought one with a cage around it. No squirrels BUT the BEAR sat on the deck taking it apart and eating bird
  • GerriKu
    GerriKu Forest Junction, WI
    For the opening, leave a smaller hole for them to climb through. They generally dont like a shallow entry, where other birds can come and steal their eggs or the little ones. Maybe just make a hole towards the top of the lid and glue it back on. For the
    • Patti Conner Wilcox
      GerriKu I used to keep my bird food in a sealed rubbermaid tote on the patio as I was in a mobile home - the squirrels knew the bird feed was in it and proceeded to chew the
  • Beverly Norton
    Beverly Norton Lake Hiawatha, NJ
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Gallatin, TN
    The only thing I would suggest is drilling several small drain holes into the bottoms so any rain water will shed through.
  • Mo Graff
    Mo Graff Middleburg, FL's intended to be a feeder, not a bird house....
  • Cindy
    Cindy Alameda, CA
  • Deborah Dawn
    Deborah Dawn Atlanta, GA
    What's with the squirrel hatred? I personally put out food just so I can see the squirrels. They are so cute and funny! Sometimes I will put out whole ears of corn because it is hilarious watching them try to carry it off!
    • Patsy McQuade
      Patsy McQuade Omaha, NE
      Deborah Dawn yea, squirrels are cute and great and funny animals,,,but you don't want them to eat all the food intended for the birds. Putting out special food or feeder for the
  • Shara Smith
    Shara Smith Chesapeake, VA
    Its a cute idea and the squirrels have to eat too!
  • Heather Bayliss
    Heather Bayliss Center Point, TX
    True story -- I live in Texas and my mother had black squirrels she would feed on her back patio. The critter would literally sprawl himself out flat on his belly to eat the sunflower seed she put out for him. I wish I had pictures. Laziest black critter
  • V_walters
    I don't drink coffee - where oh where can I get a can?
    • Kathy alfke
      kathy alfke Clinton, IN
      Ask a kitchen at a nursing home for big cans they have
    • Debra Brungardt
      Ask at school kitchens, they go thru lots of large food cans, beverage cans, coffee cans.
  • Kimberly Jensen-Boseke
    Too cute
The Thriftiness Miss