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My watermelon looking propane tank

Our propane tank is small since it only is used for our fireplace. The propane tank was rusted and unsightly. I painted it to look like a watermelon with a ladybug on top. It is in the shade all the time, so no danger of overheating due to paint.

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  • Debi @ Add Value To Your Home

    Too cute for words!!!!

  • Amanda
    Amanda Powell, TN

    You are very talented and this is adorable! As a firefighter when I read painted propane my inner bells and whistles started alarming. I'm very happy you knew to not paint it a dark color because as the amount of propane lowers the risk of explosion

    • Sue Kiene

      @Amanda I am sure this will be taken well by all because many would not think about what colors they were painting it. You are very right about what you said

  • Amanda
    Amanda Powell, TN

    @Sue -Thank you :)

  • Cat bollerud
    Cat bollerud Footville, WI

    Terry, Darn you anyways. Now my cheeks hurt from grinning so hard. Sweeet!

  • Robin @ Redo It Yourself Inspirations
    Robin @ Redo It Yourself... Saratoga Springs, NY

    Very clever! A great whimsical touch!

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