Placement of Garden gnomes

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Here is a small tip to place Garden Gnomes inside the house for those who don't have a fancy garden.Check out my blog for more details.
  • Have one on a coffee tray along with your daily newspaper and coffee mug.This could gift you or your guest a smile the first thing in the morning.
  • This ho ho grandpa is quite hardworking and holds my little coins on the entryway.Ideal for a quick grab before you leave for shopping.
  • Frogs don't belong inside.Yet its hard to say no this cute one.!No harm in leaving him with some indoor plants isn't it??
  • There is always a special place for the favorites.These sitting gnomes are so colorful and charming that I got some Halloween pumpkins to make them more comfortable.!
  • Here are some Go green fellows that go perfectly well next to an empty wine bottle on your window sill.If its snowing outside,even better!
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Adorable...I love the pop of color they add!
  • Linda
    Linda Elmer, NJ
    I love your Gnomes! Where do you find yours? I just found a vintage 13" Gnome made in England at the web site There's also a small company called Kimmel Gnomes that still makes them by hand in The USA. They are vintage looking and very
  • Sharika Varma
    Thank you so much Linda and Jeanette S .
  • Julie Rainwater
    Julie Rainwater Paragould, AR
    I love Gnomes. I have several inside and outside in my flower beds. I put a clear finish on the ones outside to help protect the paint from the sun.
Sharika Varma

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