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How to get a smooth finish with brush-on polycrylic?

I got my black dresser painted and I'm satisfied, finally. I tried the spray-on polycrylic by Minwax, shook it for >1 m, and got a horrible, splattered finish. So I tried the brush-on version in gloss. I used a Wooster angled brush and brushed a thin coat from one end to the other without stopping. I see the instructions say not to over brush, and while I definitely made an effort to keep brushing at a minimum, I did some extra brushing where it didn't look even, and perhaps that was where I went wrong. The finish is ok - it's a little streaky in some places (I've done 3 coats). I get the impression that getting it really smooth takes practice, unless I did something obviously wrong (like over brush). Any feedback?
  • Barbara Christensen
    Barbara Christensen San Diego, CA

    Gosh, I wish I had discovered the wisdom from all of you a week ago! Unfortunately I used the Minwax on a very hot day and it dried instantly...with BUBBLES all over the precious dining chairs I had worked on carefully for days. Will explore the

  • Marilee
    Marilee Boxford, MA

    I just used Minwax polycrylic on my faux painted bathroom countertop. It has very poor (non-existent) leveling properties and dried with streaks and bubbles. My base was an off white and the Minwax turned it yellow. I'm going to sand the top and

  • Christine
    Christine Bryn Mawr, PA

    I've used brush on polycrylic for years and have never really been thrilled with the finished look always believing I've done something wrong. Recently, I used a sponge applicator (never before) and was pleasantly surprised with the smooth finish!

  • Marcy Countryman Morell

    i just finished using minwax poly on a dresser, it's currently drying then i read these reviews, ugh. Hope it turns out.

  • Ddesigns
    Ddesigns West Des Moines, IA

    I use min wax wipe on poly {water based**} but I apply it with an old white lent free T-shirt that I cut into squares. I dip a little Polly on the shirt and wipe it on in small over lapping sections. Wipe from end to end without stoping and work in