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Reuse an Old Cabinet Door to Make a Weekly Menu Chalkboard

I really wish I was more organized, but it's not my strongest trait. I'm sure trying to improve, though, to help everyone else in my family. Now that I'm responsible for the organization of more people besides just myself, I'm seeing the importance of having systems in place. This menu board has become a hit in my house! Even though my girls can't read yet, they know that this board has our dinners for the week listed, and will often ask what's on the menu for the night. The best part about this board? It costs me less than $5 to make!
I started with an old cabinet door that I picked up from my local ReStore. Since then, I've seen cabinet doors in people's trash, my dad's garage, and even at the thrift store. You should be able to snag one for a couple of bucks.
My handwriting it not perfect, so I printed the days of the week in a font I liked. Then, I used my favorite image transfer technique to give me a guide to paint in the letters.
If my husband could choose - he'd have tacos every night! I painted the border of the frames with a technique that allows you to paint to show a bottom layer of paint, as well as the wood.
I created a few of these to sell at an upcoming market and tested out different fonts. I LOVE creating projects for cheap, cheap, cheap, using items that others throw or give away. All of my upcycled and DIY projects can be found here. If you love decorating on the cheap, too, I'd love for you to come stop by.

To see more: http://www.refreshliving.us/2016/03/diy-weekly-menu-chalkboard-from-an-old-cabinet-door.html

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