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My little mini greenhouse

I've ran out of recycled containers to start my seedlings, so I decided to make these little mini greenhouses out of plastic drink cups.

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  • Theresa B
    Theresa B Oxford, MS

    I am a teacher and use the plastic cupcake boxes that the kids bring in holding their birthday cupcakes.

  • Carol
    Carol Kittanning, PA

    I save plastic cups and I have a dremmel. I could make this work on my narrow East facing windowsills. I,m excited. Snow, cold and sinus infection have me longing for Spring and getting back into the dirt again. I am driving my house plant nuts,

  • Dr2361
    Dr2361 Lancaster, CA

    Is there any outgassing from the plastic in the sun to the new plants?

  • Les Golladay
    Les Golladay Albuquerque, NM

    I start with seeds to grow everything I've grown. But when i use the clear/cloudy plastic cups. The sun turns the dirt green where plastic touches dirt(all arouncup). and stunted the baby plants growth because the green is from the nutrients

  • Les Golladay
    Les Golladay Albuquerque, NM

    Last year I started use 8 X 12 approx tins pans. Fill with dirt and plant seeds in rows about four rows and 8 seeds per row(32 per tin. Then I put in plastic bags from veg dept at grocery storeAND WATER ONCE... BAG KEEPS DIRT WET, DON'T HAVE TO KEEP

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