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How to Remove the Stinky Smell From HE Washing Machine

How can you remove the stinky smell from washing machines? A tip for removing the stinky smell from washing machines is to simply add 10 - 15 drops of lemon or Melaleuca essential oil on wet wash cloth and wash.

That is ALL you want in the washer and you want to use HOT water/Clean cycle if you have one. You can also add 1 cup of vinegar if you want for additional aid in cleaning the washer.

I did this with Melaleuca and it worked great! You can also use essential oils to remove the sour smell from clothes too!
It is a great way to save money too! No chemicals and works well!
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To see more: http://www.stockpilingmoms.com/2013/05/how-to-remove-stinky-smell-from-hewashing-machines/

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  • Maureen Barringer
    Maureen Barringer Myrtle Beach, SC

    i put one or two cap full of pinesol for laundry plus my soap powder or liquid
    soap --clothes come out clean & smelling like they were hung out side -plus it cleans the rubber around the edges of the washer & leaves it smelling clean-it also

  • Maureen Barringer
    Maureen Barringer Myrtle Beach, SC

    please make sure it shows laundry on the back of the bottle

  • Stockpiling Moms
    Stockpiling Moms Independence, KY

    It is a great tip! Glad you are enjoying it.

  • Jordyn Howard
    Jordyn Howard Reedley, CA

    the rubber gasket on the door is sort of like a plunger. i usually open and close the door 8 or 10 times and always leave the door open after washing until dry.

  • Schoolhouse35

    My washer/dryer are in the kitchen. What I do is every night I leave the door opened over night and that takes care of it. Such a simple solution.

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