Using an Old Window to Display Photos

Use an old window, this one was free, to display photos in your home. I used wedding pictures for mine and hung it our bedroom!
My window used to be stored in an outdoor shed, so it needed a lot of cleaning!
Attach your photos using clear scrapbooking photo corners. Be sure you have everything arranged where you want it before attaching the photos!
This is definitely my favorite piece of art in the whole house. It just makes me smile :)
The easiest way to hang your window on the wall is by attaching D-hooks to the window and using heavy duty Monkey Hooks. This will also keep there from being a large hole if you decide to move it later.

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  • Nadia.vittozzi
    Wow, A good idea to recycle.
  • Donna DeRoche-Smith
    Donna DeRoche-Smith Springfield, LA
    I have measured the window panes, and what I am going to do is order 10x13 prints, which will fit perfectly in each pane. Most of the windows I have, have 6 panes. My daughter is a professional photographer, so, she will order the pictures I want to
  • Ne Lyn
    I was wondering how black paper might look behind the pictures? Maybe a little larger than the picture itself, with a fancy border to it. Opinions?
  • Mila S
    Mila S Colville, WA
    Love it!!! Since my 'Grands' just moved away i want to do something like this w/pics of them!
  • Christi Littlefield
    Christi Littlefield Port Byron, NY
    I love it as is too! When hung on the wall the wall color will be the background very chic look! Great job!
  • Marcy Seger
    Marcy Seger Monaca, PA
    Love it just the way it is, sometimes simple is perfect!
  • Cindy
    Cindy Colorado Springs, CO
    Oh I can see my wedding pictures in that!! Thank you for sharing. Great idea and you did a great job :)
  • Judy Martin
    Judy Martin Winter Haven, FL
    I have a door with window panes going to do ..hang it in my hall some day.........
  • Shirley Batik
    Shirley Batik Coxsackie, NY
    Needs a little embellishing.....
  • Scarlett McDonald McClurg
    Beautiful! I did this too. Try adding lace to the back 😊
  • Julie Stanley
    Julie Stanley Perry, GA
    I have 32 distressed windows and not sure how to go about selling them. Any suggestions? (not Craigslist - scares me)
    • Donna DeRoche-Smith
      Donna DeRoche-Smith Springfield, LA
      A friend of mine just told me she saw in New Orleans, (where I'm from, but don't live there anymore, about an hour outside of city limits now} where a demolition company is selling the same windows for LOTS of money to new construction companies that are
  • Donna DeRoche-Smith
    Donna DeRoche-Smith Springfield, LA
    I have dozens of old windows! I bought a house that has a two story barn. The previous owner had a demolition and restoration company, in New Orleans. So, when I went to the 2nd story of the barn, omg, soooo many antiques, and old New Orleans windows! I
    • Donna DeRoche-Smith
      Donna DeRoche-Smith Springfield, LA
      Ruth Andresen yes, it was like a dream come true!!! I love antiques also, but, I am too giving at times, and this is what happened in this case. I would show family and friends
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