Using an Old Window to Display Photos

Use an old window, this one was free, to display photos in your home. I used wedding pictures for mine and hung it our bedroom!
My window used to be stored in an outdoor shed, so it needed a lot of cleaning!
Attach your photos using clear scrapbooking photo corners. Be sure you have everything arranged where you want it before attaching the photos!
This is definitely my favorite piece of art in the whole house. It just makes me smile :)
The easiest way to hang your window on the wall is by attaching D-hooks to the window and using heavy duty Monkey Hooks. This will also keep there from being a large hole if you decide to move it later.

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  • Donna DeRoche-Smith
    Donna DeRoche-Smith Springfield, LA
    I have measured the window panes, and what I am going to do is order 10x13 prints, which will fit perfectly in each pane. Most of the windows I have, have 6 panes. My daughter is a professional photographer, so, she will order the pictures I want to
    NADIA Schenectady, NY
    Wow, A good idea to recycle.
  • Debbie hursh
    debbie hursh Willis, TX
    I used chalk paint on the back side of the window around each pictures.
  • Sandy Mara
    Sandy Mara Wyoming, RI
    I did this same thing with pictures of my daughter's wedding. The panes are 6x6, so got that size pic. LOVE it!!!
  • Mary T
    Mary T Bremerton, WA
    Funny cause I have just been thinking what a great way to display pics this would be but I was thinking of an old door of windows complete with crackling paint and old hardware. I would make a collage of each family member in the windows. I hope to find
Ashley Rowlands