Using an Old Window to Display Photos

Cabinets 06.09.15
Use an old window, this one was free, to display photos in your home. I used wedding pictures for mine and hung it our bedroom!
  • My window used to be stored in an outdoor shed, so it needed a lot of cleaning!
  • Attach your photos using clear scrapbooking photo corners. Be sure you have everything arranged where you want it before attaching the photos!
  • This is definitely my favorite piece of art in the whole house. It just makes me smile :)
  • The easiest way to hang your window on the wall is by attaching D-hooks to the window and using heavy duty Monkey Hooks. This will also keep there from being a large hole if you decide to move it later.

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  • Jan
    Jan Columbia, SC
    Linda D - I just saw your post/question and thought I would tell you that I have seen them on the side of the streets, salvage stores, Goodwill, and
  • Linda D
    Linda D Peyton, CO
    Thank you,,I appreciate the feedback.
  • Alice Jump
    Alice Jump Binghamton, NY
    I found great ones on Craig's list
  • Donna DeRoche-Smith
    Donna DeRoche-Smith Springfield, LA
    I have dozens of old windows! I bought a house that has a two story barn. The previous owner had a demolition and restoration company, in New Orleans. So, when I went to the 2nd story of the barn, omg, soooo many antiques, and old New Orleans windows! I
  • Julie Stanley
    I have 32 distressed windows and not sure how to go about selling them. Any suggestions? (not Craigslist - scares me)
Ashley Rowlands