• Carolyn McAfee
    Carolyn McAfee East Amherst, NY
    I love old windows! This is great!
  • Linda D
    Linda D Peyton, CO
    How can I find old windows, to do art projects on?
    • Gladys
      Gladys Lena, WI
      Linda D Habitat ReStore, if you are near one. They always have them.
  • Jan
    Jan Columbia, SC
    Linda D - I just saw your post/question and thought I would tell you that I have seen them on the side of the streets, salvage stores, Goodwill, and
  • Linda D
    Linda D Peyton, CO
    Thank you,,I appreciate the feedback.
  • Alice Jump
    Alice Jump Binghamton, NY
    I found great ones on Craig's list
Ashley Rowlands