Denim Flag Wreath

School is almost out and Memorial Day & 4th of July are just around the corner~ I made a series of patriotic crafts for you guys to enjoy! First up is my Denim Flag Wreath! I love making wreaths and finding unique items to make into them. So I started thinking about what materials to use...when I think of red white & blue, my thoughts automatically went to denim. What could be more American than Blue Jeans?!! So here is my cute version made from a pair of shorts and some old thrift store jeans!
Take your rotary cutter and cut all three jeans up into 3 inch wide strips. I cut the shorts across the pockets so I could use them for added texture and design. The jeans I just cut up one leg of each.
Start wrapping your red and white stripes around the Styrofoam wreath, make sure you make the stripes equal distance apart and hot glue. I then wrapped the blue denim shorts around using the pockets and belt loops for the blue design area.
For the flowers I pulled apart the silk flowers and added a fabric wrapped rosette flowers made from the denim to the center for a more handmade look. Hot glue them back together and add them to the wreath.

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