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I have this thing growing up through an azelia. I know it has to go, but (esp. @Walter Reeves) what IS it? Anybody?

It looks kind of like a holly of some sort, but the leaves are more broad than any holly I've seen! Also, if you know what it is, just what are those berries going to do? Flower? Change color? Stain my clothes?
  • i have this thing growing up through an azelia i know it has to go but esp, flowers, gardening
  • Beth A
    Beth A Newton, AL

    Sometimes you just have to choose between damaging one desirable plant over another less desirable one. Even though many of us love Mahonia....its not a rare plant and would not be a great loss to just cut it down. If the azalea is the plant you

  • Jason
    Jason Marietta, GA

    Thanks, Beth! I'm goint to see how badly intertwined the roots are and then try your potting suggestion. If it survives my horrible gardening skills, I know I'll find a place for it!

  • Tara K

    Oregon grape is not only decorative, but useful. the berries can be picked for jelly. The variety growing in our area is hardy to Z3

  • Amanda
    Amanda Munfordville, KY

    This is an Oregon Gold Grape Holly. Wonderful Plants and quiet expensive. The need morning sun with shade in the hot afternoons. I had this plant and loved it!

  • Chesto48
    Chesto48 Irvington, AL

    I have several of these. Didn't know the name but very nice plant