Kitchen Island Made From an Old Door....

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I have always wanted to attempt to make a kitchen island and I finally found the perfect one to make. From an inspirational picture found on PINTEREST to a kitchen island I'll love forever, because it was made by my own two hands.

To see The step by step instructions I used to make this ...Please visit My BLOG PAGE..


I noticed that a few people have commented on maybe adding a piece of Glass to the top of this....... Sorry I forgot to say in the post that some Glass was purchased and it is laying flat on top of the Door.... It's not shown in the picture cause it was purchased after I had taken all the pics... Sorry for the confusion... But thank you all for your input :)..... It definitely is a must for sure..... a lot easier to clean and no food getting into all the Crevices ......

UPDATE NUMBER 2..........................

So I finally got a picture of the Island set up in the kitchen and it has the Glass top on it so you can all see what it looks

  • Kitchen Island with 1/4 Glass on top for easy cleaning...and 24" Bar stools purchased at Walmart...
  • Kitchen Island I Made from an Inspirational Picture on Pinterest... A sheet of 1/4" glass was added to the top of this..:)
  • My Kitchen Island Finished :) 1/4" Glass was added to the top of this for easy cleaning.... and a flat smooth surface to work on :)
  • 24"w x 70" L door I used for the top
  • Frame i built out of 2x4's
  • Island before I painted and Stained it
  • 24" Bar Stools that will be used for my Kitchen Island....It's a $25 Walmart special...

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  • Sylvia
    sylvia Capitol Heights, MD
    I'm making ours from an old executive desk I found at a thrift store. Yours is so cute and creative. I'm hoping ours comes out just as nice. Thanks for the inspiration.
    • TaniaC
      TaniaC Fairfield, IL
      Thank you Sylvia that sound interesting... I bet it will turn out just fabulous... You will have to post a picture of it when you are done... would love to see it....
  • Marolyn Dowdy
    Marolyn Dowdy Georgetown, KY
    My daughter did this a couple of years ago and added Casters to the bottom of the legs so it can be moved over to the wall or back into the center of the kitchen, depending on what the occasion calls for.
  • Elaine Swander
    Elaine Swander Peru, IN
    I have one all the wood and door were free the glass top was $93.00 but worth it .
  • Johnsonsnest
    johnsonsnest Gonzales, LA
    So Cool!!!
  • Callie
    Callie Indiana, PA
    I am the one that designed the door island you used as your inspiration! It makes my heart happy :)

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