Penny floors

Budget Flooring 04.06.15
Saw this kitchen floor made by mosaic artist Amanda Edwards using pennies. Seems like a great idea. I was actually thinking of using this idea for a backsplash, but still a lot to consider.


  • Amy
    Amy Old Forge, PA
    I posted a tutorial on Hometalk and my website on how to create this. Hope it will help some of you:
  • Andi
    Andi Hondo, TX
    My son has a copper sink in his master bathroom. I am going to try this as a vanity top with his bowl sink sitting on top. I will post pictures after it's complete.
  • Garry B
    Garry B Chapin, SC
    I just recently learned that you are supposed to pay the government 14 cents to decommission each penny used in something like this. That works out to a lot per sf :(
  • Todd Melanson
    Todd Melanson Minneapolis, MN
    @ Garry B's comment. I find that unlikely as pennies are not serial numbered...can you point us to a source? Otherwise, while this is pretty and certainly impressive, I could never imagine myself having the patience to complete anything like this. Kudos
  • Lisalynn
    Lisalynn Missouri Valley, IA
    Oh My Goodness , an honest to goodness Copper floor ! amazing.. how many pennies fit to the sq ft. I wonder ? would surely be worth the cost..
  • Cindi Glaim
    Cindi Glaim Mulberry, FL
    floor's look great, look's like a lot of work & love, I really like it, but my grandbabies would always be trying to pick them up..
  • Nikki
    Nikki Winona, MN
    We just did a penny floor in our bathroom, and it took us about 256 pennies per square foot. We placed them all by hand and they are kind of "nested" together. It look awesome!
    • Mary
      Mary Dayton, TX
      Would you send details and materials used please.
  • Elaine CallawayandBilly Brooks
    What kind of glue or ahephive is used to hold them down & what is in the spaces between the round pennies? How is it sealed to keep dirt from getting in the spaces???? I LOVE it & it would be allot cheaper per sq ft. to use the pennies, instead of tiles!
  • Micki S
    Micki S Fort Myers, FL
    Can this be done on counters?
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Micki S this has been done on counters...check out this post.

  • Micki S
    Micki S Fort Myers, FL
    Thank you so much!!!
  • Kathy Bass
    Kathy Bass Galveston, TX
    WOW....very impressive!!! Would NEVER have thought of creative! Thanks for sharing.
  • Mary Tonningsen
    Mary Tonningsen Antelope, CA
    I saw this picture a couple of years ago and have wanted to do this ever since! If I wasn't disabled, I'd do it in a heartbeat! It'd be pretty in a bathroom, too. EDIT: I should read before I post! I just read all the postings about bathrooms! LOL!
  • Margaret
    Margaret Lakeland, FL
    what adhesive and what did you use for grout, just regular grout!
  • Manjinderjassal88
    From were we get the pennies