Penny floors

Saw this kitchen floor made by mosaic artist Amanda Edwards using pennies. Seems like a great idea. I was actually thinking of using this idea for a backsplash, but still a lot to consider.


  • Trina M
    Trina M Winter Haven, FL
    Very creative idea... though I would have rolled those pennies up and cashed them in at the bank. I agree with Jo-Anne D.
  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B Fresno, CA
    also, what fills in the spaces between the pennies? Since they're round, there are going to be spaces...maybe that liquid plastic is something you press them into, and it fills in between? but to get it absolutely flat...this is gorgeous. What a fun
  • Jeannette M
    Jeannette M Colorado Springs, CO
    Ive done this on a table top before, its actually alot easier than it looks, there is a product called liquid plastic that I poured over the table after the pennies were all glued in place that gives it an extremely durable surface when it dries, even
  • Connie K
    Connie K Kennesaw, GA
    I saw a similar use of pennies. It was the floor of the shower and looked great. When I saw it, I wondered how it was done and sealed, etc. but there was no information.
  • Kelly B
    Kelly B Winsted, CT
    that would be awesome in our back room, think I'll show the hubby these pictures tonight! Even I could do this so that would take the pain in the Back away form him! Love this idea!
  • Jo-Anne D
    Jo-Anne D Easton, PA
    Looks nice. Great idea. When they do away with the penny, you can do something like this. Start saving them pennies. In the USA, a penny costs 2.5 cents to make, so you would be getting a deal and the floor would be work 2.5x what you paid. lol
  • Karen B
    Karen B Youngstown, NY
    and the tile tree over the stove!
  • Sue C
    Sue C Alexandria, IN
  • Nancy B
    Nancy B Gainesville, FL
    They are all heads up facing same way... go to
  • Karen B
    Karen B Youngstown, NY
    LOVE this!! AND i LOVE the blues tile scene on the left, that is all beautiful!!
  • Kelly B
    Kelly B Winsted, CT
    awesome floor my hubby would love this!
  • Bobby D
    Bobby D Sacramento, CA
    Awesome!! Cool idea!!
  • Teresa A
    Teresa A Jamestown, ND
    I would love to know how she did it---It looks great
  • Patty O
    Patty O Killeen, TX
    That took allot of work!
  • Kevin M. Veler, Law Office of
    Florring for pennies! LOL. Definitely unique. Is there some sort of coating on top to make it comfortable to walk on?

    And I am with Kevin, all heads, all tails, 50/50 or luck of the


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