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How do you get rid of nut grass permanently?

We have a problem with nut grass. (My mother bought dirt from a nursery and it was in the dirt) We pull it and its back in back in a week. She has used Roundup and it doesnt work. She bought a " nutgrass killer selective herbicide" by a company called Monterey this also had no effect. As you can see from pics below.
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  • Alisa W
    Alisa W Huntsville, TX

    I can tell you what doesn't work...I have it around my rose garden. News paper and mulch does not work. I saw it on Pintrest and tried it. Weeds still came through, especially the nut grass. I tried the weed killer designed for it and was not

  • Dale B
    Dale B Tyler, TX

    I do landscaping and have had some success using the chemical "Image". It is somewhat selective, but must be used while the nut grass is actively growing before the leaves harden off. It is absorbed better through new growth and sometimes takes 2

  • Kathy Devencenzi
    Kathy Devencenzi Stockton, CA

    Dale B. Tyler TX thank you for your comment, but we are wondering where we could purchase the Chemical "Image"?

  • Debra D
    Debra D Katy, TX

    Kathy, I have seen IMAGE at my local Lowe's Home Improvement store here in Texas. Do you have them in CA?

  • Maryellen
    Maryellen Maineville, OH

    I also had this "turn up" last year in my back garden. Is there really a "nut" that this grows from? What does it look like? I weeded and weeded last year and saw nothing but roots. I don't know where it came from, but I'm blaming my husband as he