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Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs

Have an old birdbath that could use a face lift? Here's an easy way to add some color to your garden and recycle some of those old DVDs too! (PLEASE NOTE: I've had a lot of people mention CDs, which were NOT used for this project. I used DVDs, which will give you a different result.) Be sure to stop by my blog so you can get all the details on the products and methods I used. Before you know it, you'll be creating some stunning artwork for your garden too!
Time: 8 Hours Cost: $45 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://www.meandmydiy.com/2013/05/mosaic-tile-birdbath-using-recycled-dvds.html

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  • To prevent algae, I heard you must use pennies printed before 1987. I forget the reason why though!
  • MeandMyDIY Columbia, MO
    It's the copper in the pre-1982 pennies that prevents the algae. Any copper will do. You can read more about it here: http://allthingsplants.com/ideas/view/flaflw...
  • Whimsical Moments Boutique Eden Prairie, MN
    Love this idea. Definitely a project I need to tackle! www.whimsicalmomentsboutique.com
  • This is so beautiful.. A great recycling idea, I had no idea those DVD's split in two:)
  • WOW, this is simply beautiful! You did an amazing job!
  • I really love this birdbath. Are you sure all the products you used are safe for the birds? I think I'll try this with some stepping stones. I also have a large round table and a square table that would look great out on the deck.
  • MeandMyDIY Columbia, MO
    Hi Bobbi, thanks. To answer your question, no, I'm not sure. Please use at youre own risk.
  • Vivian S Harper Woods, MI
    The effect is great, MMDIY! Was it difficult getting the pieces so evenly cut? It is so artistic. Bravo!
  • Love that idea! It be nice if more was made for the rest, but why not use up the clear pieces for the rest and see how that looks?
  • Simply Swider- Stephanie Virginia Beach, VA
    I love this! This is such a great use for all those DVDs my kids keep scratching!
  • Anne East Moline, IL
    love it!! I will do this one for sure!!
  • All About Rose Gardening Hubbardston, MA
    It's beautiful...
  • Lorraine Kupruck Fort Myers, FL
    After the inspiration I got from your beautiful birdbath I purchased some DVD's from the thrift store. I cut them and pulled them apart as you suggested, my questions is this...the clear side had some of the color part stick to it, did I do something
  • MeandMyDIY Columbia, MO
    Hi Lorraine, I had that happen on a few of mine too. I didn't use any of the clear pieces, nor the other side where the shiny stuff had peeled off. Don't forget to spray the cut pieces before you start glueing them down, or the shiny stuff will come off
  • Lorraine Kupruck Fort Myers, FL
    Thank you so much !!! I was looking at the instructions again and found the tutorial on how to take the DVD's apart. LOL...I appreciate you taking the time to answer me, now to get a bunch of DVD's thrift stores here I come :)