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Furniture Revival - Paint Over Paint

Buró on Feb 3, 2016
It may take a while but I'm starting to redecorate our master bedroom. Painting the furniture is the first step. I started with one of the nightstands and mixed my own color. I went through 4 color mixes before I got the look I wanted. That means this nightstand now has 6 coats of paint on it!!

To see more: http://petticoatjunktion.com/painted-furniture/furniture-revival-paint-over-paint/

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  • Vintage Charm Restored by Lori Young

    Love this Kathy!! My own bedroom furniture has been on the list for 3 years... My mirror is my trial piece and it also has about 4 coats of different colors on it!! Still undecided!!

  • Kathy @ Petticoat Junktion
    Kathy @ Petticoat... Clarksville, TN

    Lori, @Vintage Charm Restored by Lori Young , I like the new paint too but now I have to change everything in the room! That was the plan.....it just takes a while