Painting a Barn Quilt for Your Garden Shed

Quilting 04.22.16
My mother is a quilter and for her birthday I made her abarn quilt square to hang on my father's shed that overlooks their back yardand garden. Living in the south we see large quilt squares on barns on farms but I thought itwould be great to make a small one for my mom. I couldn't find any directions onmaking one but figured it out with out too much trouble.

First pick out a pattern that is special to your family. Itcould be a quilt that is in your family or just one you like. I wanted a TexasStar since my mother is from Texas. Then pick out your colors. I used rustoleum latex paints but you can havepaints mixed up if you want. Home Depot and Lowes will cut plywood for you. Iused a 3' x 3' plywood square. They sellsmall squares so look for those to save money. Here is my shopping list:


3" foam roller and tray

painters tape (recommend frog tape)

Time: 2 Days Cost: $75 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Linda Hopper
    Linda Hopper Stanton, TX
    I love it!
  • LyndaJoSmith-Price
    LyndaJoSmith-Price Cameron, MO
    Thanks Katey for sharing the pattern name. Texas Star, I should of known. I love quilting. LJ
  • Katey
    Katey Huntsville, AL
    Milk, It's not silly. Just find a design you like and the pattern name and you can search online for the directions for making that square for regular quilts then you just adjust it to fit your piece. So 1" and times it times 3 to make it 3 times larger.
  • Milkhouse
    I feel kinda of silly asking but where did you get the measurements for your design???
  • Sue
    Sue Allentown, PA
    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
  • Kris Lee
    Kris Lee Jackson, WY
    Such a great idea. Both of my grandmother's were quilters, and I have made a couple myself. My SIL is just starting her quilting business, maybe this would be a great gift for her and their house.
  • Sylvia Ruiz
    Sylvia Ruiz North Hills, CA
    What a wonderful and thoughtful idea! I'm sure part of your mom's smile is not just because it's beautiful,but the love that went into it's creation. Great job!
  • Louie
    Louie Toms River, NJ
    hey i really like this katey, very nice. It just gives it a nice flare to that part of the house.
  • Annie Ann Del Rio
    Annie Ann Del Rio Madera, CA
    just beautiful
  • Kay Anderson
    Kay Anderson Kankakee, IL
    I've made one for our shed and I sell them at $30.00
  • Connie Tasmaz
    Connie Tasmaz Loganville, GA
    will try it on my lake cabin -love it
  • Marilyn King
    Marilyn King Prescott, AZ
    I can't wait to try this!
  • Katey
    Katey Huntsville, AL
    Lauren, If you have a pattern you like just adjust the quilt square to fit your board. There are tons of directions online for quilt squares. This is where your 6th grade math comes in handy! :) The board is only one square of a quilt. If you are having
  • Debra Peters
    Debra Peters Mesa, AZ
    What a great way to use those small pieces of wood I haven't thrown away cuz there HAS to be something I can use them for!! I see a crazy quilt on my shed in the near future!
  • Lauren
    Lauren Hightstown, NJ
    Thanks for posting -- I LOVE this project! I will have to do a similar project for my garden shed.I wonder if I could find a template somewhere.