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Painting a Barn Quilt for Your Garden Shed

Barn Quilt 20 hours ago
My mother is a quilter and for her birthday I made her abarn quilt square to hang on my father's shed that overlooks their back yardand garden. Living in the south we see large quilt squares on barns on farms but I thought itwould be great to make a small one for my mom. I couldn't find any directions onmaking one but figured it out with out too much trouble.
First pick out a pattern that is special to your family. Itcould be a quilt that is in your family or just one you like. I wanted a TexasStar since my mother is from Texas. Then pick out your colors. I used rustoleum latex paints but you can havepaints mixed up if you want. Home Depot and Lowes will cut plywood for you. Iused a 3' x 3' plywood square. They sellsmall squares so look for those to save money. Here is my shopping list:
3" foam roller and tray
painters tape (recommend frog tape)
cheap brushes (one for each color)
rustoleum clear coat (quart)
paint (for my design I used 4 colors and used
Time: 2 Days Cost: $75 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://lovethegiver.com/2013/04/painting-a-barn-quilt-for-my-momma/

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  • Mimi
    Mimi Sanford, NC


  • Deb Zahn
    Deb Zahn Marshfield, WI

    I would like to do this with a pic of the front of my hubbys 69 chevelle! For his shed! Any ideas??

    • Katey
      Katey Huntsville, AL

      You could do it! Just simple lines to keep it large enough to see. Great idea. He will love it.

  • Judith Sarrie
    Judith Sarrie El Cajon, CA

    I'm an advid quilter and I have a shed a painted quilt design wuld look great on it.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Lafayette, TN

    This is beautiful I'm from Ky and live in Tennessee, these quilt designs are on about every barn around here, just love them. I didn't know how to make one til now I may put one on my little out building. Thanks for sharing. Yours is

  • Issie
    Issie Sanford, ME

    Beautiful! Think I'll bring this idea way on up to MAINE!! Thanks so much for the inspiration :)