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Mildew on Curtains

I followed the advice of so many hometalkers and made outdoor curtains from drop cloth I purchased from Lowes. After several days of rain and damp weather I noticed that the curtain on the right side is covered with mildew. Any ideas on getting rid of it and preventing it from coming back? Someone suggested scotch guard but how long would that last? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mercedes Mallery
    Mercedes Mallery Pensacola, FL

    Olga, I bought the same product and it did not keep the mold from returning! I sprayed before and it reappeared, so sprayed again. Sorry it will return. I am going to try the suggestions above about using same product used on camping equipment and

  • GrandmaCarol Speight

    Might want to, AFTER you get it cleaned up, open the curtain after a rainy spell and allow the drop sheet to dry BEFORE you hook it back in place? They also have many out-side weather resistant material available to achieve this effect...albeit they

  • Capernius
    Capernius Laporte, IN

    If it was my curtains/drop cloths, first thing I'd do is hang them in the sun, full sun....spray them down with vinegar....let them dry...launder them.....then hang them in the sun again....when they are dry, use a 3M water proofing product....when

  • Kala Professional Restoration services

    To avoid such a situation you should have called in an expert mold or mildew remediation expert to get rid off it much earlier. This would have prevented the spread of the mildew and thereby the damage you have been experiencing. Hope now everything

  • Jody
    Jody Marietta, GA

    I had this same problem. When I purchased the drop cloths I washed them and then sprayed Vectra on hanging panels (both sides). The first rain came and everyone of my panels looked filthy dirty. They were open the whole time so they could dry out