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Raised bed over chicken wire?

I have 2 dogs and a fence that is wire over rail and does not quite reach to the ground. we just bought this house but we will only be here for a couple of years so we don't want to put much money into it. I was thinking to keep the dogs from digging out I would bury chicken wire around the perimeter. I also thought that I could maybe put a raised garden bed over the chicken wire so it isn't so ugly, and plant pole beans, corn, sunflowers around the edge to hide the wire fence. Thoughts?
  • Midway Fence & Decks
    Midway Fence & Decks Dawsonville, GA

    What the picture shows looks like 2x4 welded wire probably galvanized or vinal coated. it wont hurt it to cover the bottom with dirt. land scape timbers or stake it down. Tension wire is another option.

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO

    Sherrie ...cinder blocks would really well as they would be hard to "dig up"...more work to install though.

  • Clay B
    Clay B Chesapeake, VA

    Nail or lag bolt 2x6 Treated along the bottom., you can sink into gound a bit if needed. Then you can staple or use U-Nails to secure the fence to the back of the 2x6. The 2x6's can be cut so the joints line up on a post.

  • Sandra R
    Sandra R Breinigsville, PA

    I did that once Clay, my Husky dug right under it, of course he also chewed the wire.

  • Linda
    Linda Wendell, NC

    Yes you can plant raised beds atop the chicken wire. I recently built some raised garden beds and laid down some diamond mesh underneath. It's s normally used for plaster & concrete projects. It's comes 27"X96" , and only costs about $9, which I