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  • Donna McFarland
    Donna McFarland Sanford, FL

    Miracle gro?Think- MONSANTO ...Round up ~poison!JUST SAY "NO"!!

  • Cynthia O
    Cynthia O Black River Falls, WI

    Miracle grow works great for me!
    I am up North too, and we have so much less time to get our gardens a going.
    I can't have a compost pile because we have black bears in the woods around us.
    You have amazing flowers and gardens Carlene!

  • GeeJudy
    GeeJudy Denver, CO

    my my--you are way up north there--I'm a MN native (TC) and now live in CO--but your garden pictures look way too much nicer than mine

  • Marcia
    Marcia Stockton, CA

    My dogs, especially my beagle, love organic fertilizers . they will dig up any fertilized that way. I swear by Osmocote. Plants don't care where that N2 ion comes from.

  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa

    You have such a beautiful garden! I agree about using fertiliser often - I personally make my own, simply because I have everything I need readily available. My favourite is sea weed fertiliser. I am lucky enough to have the beach a ten minute walk

    • Organized Clutter
      Organized Clutter International Falls, MN

      Thanks! We have a very short growing season so it really helps!

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