• Organized Clutter
    Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    This is just what I do. If you would rather use organic fertilizer or compost that's good too. I am encouraged that so many of you are environmentally concerned. If I were growing vegetables, I'm sure I would use organic products exclusively.
  • Ronnie Pennington
    Ronnie Pennington Hamburg, AR
    Your flower bed is beautiful!!! Stan & Becky, I would be careful with the "chicken poop". Exposure to chicken liter can cause a lung fungus to develop. It is common is poultry farmers, but, my mother developed it from using chicken manure on her garden.
  • Organized Clutter
    Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    Thanks Ronnie.
  • Lois D
    Lois D Ridgway, PA
    It is a chemical fertilizer that goes into the water system. Better to use good compost on gardens.
  • Sharon C
    I only use organic fertilizers. Never use chemicals - inside or out. Have great soil with loads of microrganisms & worms. Make most of my own compost & buy the rest with microorganisms. Miracle Grow is one of the worst you can use.
  • Ilona French
    Ilona French Painesville, OH
    This is surprising to me. So what is a good organic fertilizer?
  • Marianne P
    Milorganite is an old tried and true organic fertilizer. Read where it is used in Williamsburg Gardens as it has the added advantage of discouraging deer. It is now safe to use on vegetables as well.
  • Marianne P
    I like to bury all my leftover green groceries and wait a year to dig it back up and use it in my garden. Free and little effort involved.
  • Lisa B
    Lisa B Shakopee, MN
    Your results are just lovely. Especially for 'Up North'. I too, used to used the blue stuff. Miracle grow now makes a liquid organic fertilizer. I now use it outside all the time, I still have a little blue stuff left I am using up on houseplants, and
  • Organized Clutter
    Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    Good to know.
  • Danni B
    Danni B Willard, MO
    These are some great tips Carlene! Thanks for sharing them!
  • Organized Clutter
    Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    Thanks Danni.
  • Donna McFarland
    Donna McFarland Sanford, FL
    Miracle gro?Think- MONSANTO ...Round up ~poison!JUST SAY "NO"!!
  • Cynthia O
    Cynthia O Black River Falls, WI
    Miracle grow works great for me!

    I am up North too, and we have so much less time to get our gardens a going.

  • GeeJudy
    GeeJudy Denver, CO
    my my--you are way up north there--I'm a MN native (TC) and now live in CO--but your garden pictures look way too much nicer than mine
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