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Penny Countertop

Took our dated laminate counter and covered it in pennies and epoxy. Messed up a ton along the way, so if you'd like to do something similar check out my tutorial at http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2012/05/penny-countertop/
  • penny countertop, countertops, home decor
  • penny countertop, countertops, home decor
  • penny countertop, countertops, home decor
  • Rosalie chow
    Rosalie chow San Francisco, CA

    I deleted the pennies art I made. The pennies had been removed long time ago. I just have the picture. I just hot glue on the plate and cup. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Paulette Schmidt
    Paulette Schmidt Norman, OK

    I really love the use of objects in a non traditional way. Using old coins for an art project or craft is no different than hoarding coins for coin collections or change you've been saving for a rainy day for the last 10 years. Appreciate the

  • Lyn Therese
    Lyn Therese Muskego, WI

    The only time it matters as to the condition of the coins is in collecting or turning them in to a financial institution for reimbursement. The coins can't be put through the coin counter. They must be cleaned and in usable condition before the bank

  • Tlindsey1969
    Tlindsey1969 Dallas, GA

    I want to do something similar to the penny top,,but with wine corks,,,and we have two piece cabinets ,,,,that I wanted to build a card table out of,,anyone have suggestions

  • Anita Moulpied Holland

    Really like this, andepoxy has such a beautiful finish, I love using it on my projects. Well done

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