Penny Countertop

Kitchen Counter top 2 days ago
Took our dated laminate counter and covered it in pennies and epoxy. Messed up a ton along the way, so if you'd like to do something similar check out my tutorial at


  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
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  • Pat Cobb
    Pat Cobb Gibsonville, NC
    I would say this is one-of-a-kind!!! Neat job. Thanks for sharing!
  • Paige Walker
    Paige Walker Alvin, TX
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  • Connie In Texas
    Connie In Texas Humble, TX
    I did this to the top of a small step stool. Looks good. But it is the epoxy that I do not think I want to deal with on a countertop. AND got rid of a bunch of pennies!
  • Arleylou1231
    You did a great job, can hardly wait to start on the top of an old trunk we have hanging around.
  • Jan 3 Boll
    Jan 3 Boll Muskegon, MI
    Another Idea: If you have a counter that is boring but you rent or don't want anything permanent - make a frame of 1"x3" and cut one end to match the height of the sides (as the end of the counter that touches the wall will bring the end higher).
  • Debra tinsley
    debra tinsley Cleveland, OH
    Gorgeous, I have a small piece like this that has a black back ground. I use mine in the kitchen to sit my stainless steel can open on. The three color combos: black, copper and stainless steel really pop together...
  • Karen
    Karen Wichita, KS
    That is really cool, I love it.
  • Tammy
    tammy Connellys Springs, NC
    how well does the epoxy hold up to heat? I use slower cooker and electric frying pan a lot
  • Pamela Langone
    Pamela Langone Princeton, IL
    Love it you should pop over to my site and see my fireplace over 7000 pennies
  • David Gnida
    David Gnida Bayonne, NJ
    Love the penny tile look. Depending on the lighting you can get all sorts of different color variations. Ive actually sold some to a few friends because I did the work and put the pennies on a mesh back and poly-clear coated the faces to save a whole
  • Mary Stanley
    Mary Stanley Jacksonville, FL
    Actually pennies are not considered legal tender so they are not protected under the US Code.
  • Marcy
    Marcy Rogers City, MI
  • Duval.26
    A mosaic of natural patina! Mm-m-m... Canada recently discontinued the penny; I knew it was going to be a mistake not to hoard some!
  • Rosalie chow
    rosalie chow San Francisco, CA
    Great idea. Love it. Here is another idea for using pennies as art. Happy crafting.
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