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  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    This would work great Bernice H for souvenir pin on buttons like the ones that say I love New York. Post cards placed at various angles from all your trips would look cool on a folding table.
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Bernice H a six plus a bottle of wine or two for the mrs.
  • Humphries Homes Decatur, GA
    I did the same thing but with beer bottle tops and used heavy shellac sealer over the top. It seemed like a great idea at the time plus it was a great excuse to buy a ton of different beers and try them. I just wish I could remember most of it...
  • Jackie I Phoenix, AZ
    I've seen this done on a powder room floor! Gorgeous!
  • Joyce Flom Billings, MT
    What a unique idea! Love the results! BERNICE, my grandmother put several old cards in frames & hung them. I now have them on display in my home - one card is from 1908! Anyway, gave me the idea to put Christmas cards that I really like in frames and
  • Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    For those who want to know where to buy epoxy, if you have a Hobby Lobby, they sell it..... and don't forget to get their 40% off coupon which is online every week.
  • Karen Pothier Demorest, GA
    Love love love this idea!
  • Char J Virginia Beach, VA
    The most coin dealers around here (Virginia Beach) will give for pennies is 2 cents each...including wheats! I even have some in albums and they weren't interested. I may end up posting the albums on eBay...and re-do the tops of my end tables in pennies! LOL
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Would these hold up to the outdoors like on a table or potting bench shelf?
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Kelly S if these were embedded in a "bar top" 2 part poured mix It would hold up very well to rain and moisture. The number one "killer" of most outdoor finishes is the degradation due to UV
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    KMS Woodworks , thanks for the info. I don't know yet where I'm putting it. I have to build it first and then see where it fits. I want to make one using an old kitchen sink like several ones here
  • Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    WOW! This is amazing!
  • Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Joyce-My maiden name is similar to yours,Flaum -Do you know where your name comes from?

    Sometimes people pronounce it Flom, but it is supposed to be pro nounced like Flowm. We've been told that it means plum in

  • Pat Cobb Gibsonville, NC
    I would say this is one-of-a-kind!!! Neat job. Thanks for sharing!
  • Paige Walker Alvin, TX
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